Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fast Forward

1. Last night was fun we spent a few hours celebrating Jen's hubby's bday then came back close to home and went to our local bar for a night cap where we unexpectedly ran into some of my friends and Ben's brother who was randomly in our neck of the woods (he lives 30 minutes away)
2. Closed down the bar and then a whole group of us went back to a friend's house
3. Ben's bro actually made me really happy when talking about our wedding- he's only two years older than us and a self proclaimed "black sheep" and the slightest bit of a love cynic so imagine my surprise when he seemed excited and really happy for us and also asked me to let him spend time with our children (when we have them) so that he can learn "all that stuff" coming from him I thought that was really sweet and the best "welcome to the Smith clan" he could have offered.
4. Didn't get home until after 5 in the am and am definitely hurting for it today.
5. Spent the evening pampering myself: hot oil treatment, hydrating face max, shower, shave, lavender baby oil rub --- the works.
6. Ate Chipotle for dinner and it gave me heartburn...tomorrow marks the start of my grown up, sophisticated, and looking smokin' in a wedding dress (and all the pictures) eating smart plan....I don't have a plan yet but I'll get there
7. Spent some time sitting on one of those big excercise balls yesterday and today my thighs are on fire (in a good way) ...Bennyboo is lovely and after me telling him I really want one he showed up back at home after running errands with an already inflated ball in hand!
8. My house is in major need of some spring cleaning. The only room I'm not ashamed of is "my room" and that's the one that nobody but me goes in. I need 12 extra hours in the day....or my laid off fiancee could get some shit done for me....but that's a whole new post...for a whole new day.
9. Gearing up for goodbye to my Girls Next Door plan to lie catatonic (dog-atonic anyone?) on the sofa in my cute new jammies and mope over the loss of my free ride to fantasy land at the Playboy Mansion....if I had the right body for it you bet your ass I'd is I'm already planning to have boudoir photos taken prior to the wedding for a gift/ I'm vain. Would I enjoy to be thinner- yes...but do I think I'm hot's that for self esteem!
10. Getting soooo sleepy
11. Blackberry chatting to Shawdee (aka Rachel) about life and makeup
12. Need to blow dry
13. Don't want to work tomorrow- need a vacation
14. Bennyboo mentioned Italy for our honeymoon- don't know if he's serious/we have the means but would be super geeked to go!
15. Have series beak down in communication with ma mere lately- we've been rubbing each othe the wrong way
16. Currently irritated that I always "Have" to be the planner amongs my mom and sisters...would love to have someone else take the lead and get things accomplished properly for once- I mean doesn't being the baby by 18 years entitle me to relaxation because everyone else planned it all?
17. Not looking forward to anything coming in the next week impaticular just getting through another long work week.
19. Have more wedding magazines than I thought humanly possible
20. Wish our wedding was much sooner....16 months is a long time off until "I do"!

That's all....need to blow dry and position myself on the sofa- then bed- I'm pooped!


Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Pampered, Relaxed, Sleepy

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Shasta said...

This cracked my a$$ up. Way too funny. I know exactly what you're talking about, "winnie" going "dog-atonic" HILARIOUS. That is the cutest dog - EVER! Hells ya' you are smokin' hot and should be in Playboy. I did the whole boudoir phot thing for husband on his birthday, my bestie took the pics. He still dies over them daily. Best gift ever, Uh-huh. Maybe you should bump the wedding up? that is a long time.