Sunday, March 1, 2009

Real Quick GND recap

So the "finale" GND episode was in fact sad- but I promise I didn't weep. In fact I actually think that the episode just prior was a little bit sadder because all of the girls individually talked about how far their lives have come since the beginning and were actually making statements on this being the end for them. "transitions" was imo staged. Although the emotions felt real I think that they were going back and reinacting things to tie up loose ends for the fans. Although I think many ends are still blowing in the wind.

I mean Hef talks about Holly being unhappy...but shows her "leaving for a playboy shoot" - not moving out.

Bridget leaves to go on location for her new show but it clearly shows that she still has her room at the mansion, she even leaves Gizmo there. The only girl whose story came full circle is Kendra- and they definitely set her up nicely for the start of her spin-off, "Kendra" in June.

The other two are kind of "status unknown" unless you hear the gossip- which of course I do but if you don't your left to believe that Hef is still in fact "dating" Holly and Bridget...even though every tabloid will tell you differently.

But then I have to remind myself- The Girls Next Door series isn't over, nor has it ever been said that the original girls won't be returning in some way or another in season 6- will it be different absolutely- but there is still season 6 to tell us what's been going on.

I am ridiculously sleepy now and am headed for my bed but I felt that after all the hype I owed the internets my opinion on the season 5 finale.

So there it is. Oh! The Shannon twins....gag! I'm really not sure how I feel about them other than- they seem snotty and like they feel entitled- and though E! may have thought it seemed like a good idea at the time, the closing dialogue of the episode that was exchanged between Hef and the twins was like a slap in the face to GND fans:

Not-so-cute twin #1: Hi Hef- are these seats taken? (Gestures to couch in movie room where HBK always sat)
Hef: Not anymore...looks like I'm back in the game (chuckles and cuts to exterior shot of mansion)



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Shasta said...

Totally gross, the twins that is and Hef's "staged" comment at the end. Barf. That was a slap in the face. I think that I read that Chris Angel already dumped Holly or maybe it was the other way around? Bleh, I am bummed the ride of GND is over, it was fun while it lasted!