Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Girls Are Back In Town!

The Girls Next Door that is!

Anyone who follows this blog KNOWS that I <3 me some Girls Next Door. They also know how sad I am that the show (as we know it anyway) is coming to an end now that all three girls are headed their separate ways. However..... There's still a bunch of GND left to be had in the next several months- even after the "finale" episode airs tomorrow. First of all the season 4 DVD will be released in just under two weeks!

Season 4 to be released on DVD Tuesday, March 10th

I LOOOOOVE to watch the DVDS while I'm getting ready for work in the morning or to go out for the evening. They're just the right length to keep my primping time to a minimum. Plus the commentary is great- I watch more frequently with commentary than without so I'm looking forward to a whole new season to dig in to!

Just a few days after that Bridget's new show premiers on the travel chanel!

Bridget's Sexiest Beaches
Premiers Thursday, March 12 @ 10PM!

Bridget is definitely my favorite- we have similar interests and personalities for sure- I've also been told I sound like her and my mannerisms are similar to hers. I 've also been told I resemble her -- I'm totally flattered by that but think its mostly the tan skin and the blonde hair that makes the resemblance- I WISH I had her figure!

Of course I've also been told I resemble this one as well:

Again..,wish it were a hot physique comparison but think its based on hair and tan as well.
I won't complain though I think they're both hot.
Oh and PS my hair is slowly but surely on its way back to Barbie blond fall when I start whining about wanting red hair or low lights...remind me how much I LOVE my blond hair and how I want to be as much of a blond bombshell for my wedding as possible!

I digress ( and I'm clearly vain as well)...

Kendra's new show hits sometimes this summer...not sure when-

Of the three, Kendra is probably my least favorite- but I have to admit- I will still watch. I love my Girls Next Door---what can I say?

But what about Holly?

Hopefully she has something good coming up too...and to be perfectly honest...
I hope one of them writes a tell-all book...I would buy the hell out of that!

Although I have yet to buy the hell out of these two books:

Prolly because everytime I go to Borders I buy wedding books! Hee Hee I still get a little Zing! when I remember that I'm getting married! Yay!

So with the slew of new GND related materials plus the two books (that will be new to me) my heart break will be delayed - at least through the summer.

I'm not gonna lie though- I very well may cry tomorrow night when "Transitions" airs. Its the end of a fabulous fantast ride.

Le sigh.

Well that's enough of Miss Amber Lane's exclusive tour through Reality TV loser land (we all have something). I'm going to primp and prettify for an evening out on the town to celebrate my friend's hubby's b-day- evenings with them are always an "adventure" lets see how this plays out!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Playful, Pretty, and Positive

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Ms.Angel said...

Gosh, I'm so sad about the 'end' of the original girls next door too.. I'm about to read Hef's book and just read Bunny Tales, and like you so can not wait for a tell all book.. but my guess we might have to wait till they eat their forties before we see one! tata