Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hello Princess Pissy Pants

This morning I woke up on the WRONG side of the bed. Which is unfortunate because the first thing on my schedule for today was; 9am: Cut and Color- which I desperately needed and enjoyed- even as pissy as this post is going to sound.

Le sigh. 

My tale of grumpiness begins yesterday. In the last legs of work I was getting increasingly tired. Not tired like, "once I leave here I'll perk right up" tired like my whole body felt like it was sinking in jell-o. None the less I wearied myself through until 5pm- lead footed it to Macy's by my house- paid a mint on my cc bill and took my tired ass home where I immediately sunk into the couch to have "just a little nap before Ben comes home".

Wrong. Ben got home, offered me some apple juice. I muttered something at him to the effect of, "put it in the fridge"and rolled over. A little while passed and Ben asked me when he wanted to be waked- I told him in awhile and went back to sleep. 9pm rolls around and Ben lifts my head up off the couch. sits, and replaces it on his lap, "Are you sick?" he asks,
 "No!" I snarl back.
"Well when do you want to wake up- you're going to sleep all night!"
"Fine- wake me before you go upstairs to go to bed" and I was out cold again.

At 11 Ben woke me and told me to go upstairs. I vaguly remember undressing in the dark and groping for whatever big tshirt he had nearby and out again I was. 

After 13 hours of sleep I woke groggy and annoyed.I took a shower and put on my face. I was pissed that I hadn't taken the time to wrap my sister's birthday presents before my Rip Van Winkle proportions nap and was forced to throw them in crinkled gift bags sans tissue paper...ellegant I know. As I was trying to get out the door, Ben grumped down the stairs. At about the same time I realized my cell phone was AWOL and asked Ben for his to call mine. This is how that conversation turned out.

Me: I can't find my phone- where's yours?
He: I don't know what do you need mine for?
Me: To call mine- where is it?
He: Did you look in your purse
Me: Yes
He: Did you look in your coat pockets?
Me: Yes! I'm going to be late? Where is your phone?!?!?
He: I don't know- why do I have to be the keeper of your phone?
He: (Finding his phone) I'm going to check my email on here first

I finally found my phone on the floor of my car- dropped there apparantly by my sleep walk into the house and onto the couch. I get a quick kiss good-bye and book to my appointment. 

All goes well there (at least with my hair anyway) until I go to pay after services rendered. I give them my Macys card and its declined. I have them try 3 more times before I finally give up and call credit card services where they inform me that my limit has been lowered- who knows why. I don't have pristine credit but I love how after making a HUGE payment to them they decide to lower my limit so that I didn't have enough available credit to cover my bill. Paying them with my checking acoount would have taken all the rest of the money that I had being that I had already paid all my due bills and had paid MORE on my Macys to have my hair done on it. Luckily my mom and my sisters were at the mall to meet me for lunch for Denise's birthday so my mom gave me the money in cash minus forty which I had in cash and I paid my hair with that so that I would at least have enough money to eat lunch with my family and see a movie. 
At that point I was so embarrassed and so pissed at Macys (they told me point blank that they weren't required to inform me of a limit decrease) that I was sour grapes going to lunch. 

I got over it though and enjoyed myself at both lunch and the movie...although I now have approximately 20 dollars to my name to last for just under 2 weeks (thanks Macys)  and that leaves me just a touch freaked out.

I came home to call Sprint about my crappy Blackberry Pearl and why after 8 months I still haven't gotten my $100 rebate (apparantly it was just an oversight and I should now expect it within 15 business days) but they still haven't fixed the fact that my phone is a peice of shit and I'm just overall grouchy. I feel that at any given moment I could blow my shit and I need a way to calm that. Alcohol maybe? I know not sleep...I can't sleep at all today after wasting so much time doing that yesterday. Ugh well I'm going to get off here and try not to kill Ben for breathing.

I clearly have a case of PMS.

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