Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's Over

During my lunch break this afternoon I hopped into Borders to pick up the Herbie Hancock CD my sister requested for her birthday. While I was there I snagged my monthly copies of In Style and Playboy featuring this month- you guessed it; The Girls Next Door.

I knew this issue was coming and was excited to hear (finally) what is to be the fate of my beloved (albeit slightly decadent) TV obsession because its can't be possibly be true that ALL THREE girls are leaving the show...could it?

It could. The article featuring the girls confirmed that after this season the show will be in a period of major transition. All three girls have moved out of the mansion, none of the girls are continuing "romantic" relationships with Hef, all are pursuing individual careers. OK....fine...loyal fans can accept that...what I am having a hard time accepting is that the show is going to continue without the original cast.


I mean fine- have a spin off show featuring the Shannon twins (not hot by the way- at least not by comparison ) and any other playmate that Hef is now dating- but don't go on pretending the show is still The Girls Next Door--- Holly, Bridget, and Kendra ARE the Girls Next Door! Maybe the show was always set up with the thought in mind that "The Girls Next Door" is meant to encompass any of the girls that become Hef's girlfriends and live in the mansion- but after 5 seasons the viewers fell in love with the originals and any replacements are just going to end up feeling like adding a "cute kid" to revive a failing 80s sitcom. Not cute enough, not funny enough, not interesting enough.

Now, I'm sure that the next season of The Girls will offer enough cameo appearances of Hol, Bridg, and Ken to drag along enough of the original fans for one more season-especially with the confirmation that Kendra's mansion wedding to Hank Baskett will be featured in season 6- but after that who knows.

I'm sure I sound a little pathetic talking about this in such extent- but I really do enjoy the show and the insight into a life and lifestyle that I will never know. It was a fantasy ride that was just real enough to relate I'm afraid all of this will be lost in the death match that is sure to come when more GND hopefulls battle for rooms in the mansion and their own bobblehead dolls.

I'm bummed.


Tonight I'm Feeling: Bummed, Full, Sleepy, and COLD!! Brrr!

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