Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Just a Day

I am going to bed so early tonight!

By so early I mean that after deciding I was most comfortable in neon striped boy short panties and an oversized sunshine yellow granny night gown and applying Clean & Clear spot treatment to a menacing little pimple; I hopped into bed. The overhead fan is whirling (cool air makes me sleepy), Mean Girls is playing in the background, and once I've said my piece for the evening- its sweet dreams.

Today was a good day. Not great, not bad. I felt mildly accomplished at the j-o-b even without my beloved assistant and am oh so thankful that the snow that was "supposed" to begin at 10 am and last throughout the day, never even so much as threatened a flurry until 4pm. I left work at about 4:30- I figured if the snow had held off that long I better get my butt home before it really started coming down and I would be forced to spend the night at work. I guess on one hand its nice that I do work for a company where I am able- if not encouraged to spend the night if the weather turns bad. One of my loveliest ladies-Emmy (the one who chain smokes and only attends outings that offer bars so she can have her Manhattans and Mudslides) offered me her pull-out bed if I should ever have the need- but I hope to never have the need. As much as I love my residents....I REALLY love my own bed. It's perfectly broken in with satiny soft sheets and a comforter worn just to perfection and a big lump of boyfriend on the other side whom I rarely touch during the night (we're not snuggle sleepers) but who gives me comfort just in being there. Yes, my bed is nice.

When I arrived home I tossed in a load of colors (shiiit I just now remembered that its still in the washer....damn) and got dinner started- we had salmon patties and fried potatoes- a rare treat because its all fried and so bad for you- but my mom- being opposed to frozen seafood- used to make it for me as kid when I thought fish was icky and I have to say- I still love it. Needless to say: this super fatty meal is more than likely why I'm super comfortable in this giant nightgown as opposed to anything a bit less retirement home appropriate. After dinner I haven't really done much- tested my brainage (22 thankyouverymuch) and played a few sudoku puzzles (yes I realize I sound like a giant dork) and now I'm here.

Tomorrow I have a meeting at 8:30 which means I need to be there around the time that I normally leave my house. I have these meeting once a month with other Activities professionals from other branches of my company. I like attending them but what really stinks is that when I leave my house I actually have to go about 15 miles in the opposite direction of work and then leave the meeting and drive those 15 miles + another 26 to make it down. Most of the time I enjoy the drive to unwind and regroup but in winter, especially when threatening snow (and in dangerously cold temps) I am not neccessarily a fan. The good news is its already Thursday's Eve....this week is flying by - and thanks to a certain man "Having a Dream" this weekend offers a bonus day off- score!

So I'm off to dream land.


Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Sleepy, Glad, Relaxed


Chelsea C. said...

I hate the cold. It makes me want to eat greasy goodness every night... and wear grandma long johns.

saucyminx410 said...