Tuesday, January 13, 2009

So Tired

I am blogging from work just before leaving for the day.

I got here at 8:30 and was hoping to already be making pavement by 5:00 but alas it's 5:20 and I'm still here. Sometimes I just keep telling myself, "just one more thing before I leave, just one more thing".


My assistant is heading back to school tomorrow which leaves her with an irradic schedule and me sans an assistant at odd and sometimes unfortunate times. I guess everything takes some adjustment.

Well ...I'm off here and off towards home...hopefully I find some energy in the Diet Coke I've been slurping on sometime on the 45 minute commute home- that way I can cook dinner, make a dent in all the housework I've been shirking and still shower and make it to bed at a descent time.

I can't even imagine how the ladies who have children on top of a job and a life get things done...I want to find out someday but right now....dang!


Miss Amber Lane

Today I'm Feeling: Tired, Pseudo Accomplished, and Cold (it's brrr outside!)


QueerCincinnati.com said...

"erratic," darling, "erratic..." pas "irradic." :-)

sorry. i'm being bitchy @ work right now and trying to avoid it.

saucyminx410 said...

hmph....learned something new today...wherever did I get that spelling of erratic. Thanks SpellChe.....err QueerCincinnati.com. ( :

No seriously though you saved me from a life time of spelling embarrassment.

(If you continue to read do try not to correct ALL my spelling mishaps though...I will make a ton!)