Monday, January 12, 2009

Random Musings of The Young, Blonde, and Fabulous

1. Went to the eye doctor this weekend and as expected I need glasses to drive and when on the computer and pretty much anytime I feel I'm not seeing well- you bet your butt I picked out the cutest pair there: Picture taken via the cellular tellular- I get them HOPEFULLY later this week- a picture of me in them is sure to ensue
2. Blogging from work- I'm in a Monday afternoon coma and am looking for an escape route

3. I just learned that my expense account limit has been lowered by $1,000 which is a major bummer- yet I also have to say that if this is as much as the "recession" is going to affect my

j-o-b then I really don't have much to complain about

4. I'm an Activities and Volunteer Coordinator for a retirement home by name but an Event Planner by education, roots, and prior experience- I love my residents but I sure miss the parties I used to coordinate and all the creative liberties true event planning offers.

5. My digestive system has changed. I love Spicy food but lately my stomach does not- or too much dairy- or too much anything which I am not complaining about its just wierd how lately so many of my tasted (in everything) have begun to change. This is also true of alcohol. I still like to partake but I kid you not the day after is like a vacation in hell. I used to be able to get up, pop some Advil, throw my hair in a pony and do anything- now even after the headache and nausea subside I'm a couch-bound fatigued wreck. This explains why all of Sunday was spent horizontal and my house is a complete disaster.

6. I discovered Tool Academy yesterday- It's on VH-1 and I recommend it highly.... if not for any other reason than the fact that so often on reality TV there are guys that you look at and think Dousche Bag....well this show actually points it out and tells these tools to their faces that they are tools and I love it. Really though the best part is that their being called out in front of their girlfriends and being forced to change or say goodbye- I believe it could be for the greater good.

7. I also still heart Rock of Love- Brett Michaels is so unintentionally funny and the girls so trashtastic and ridiculous how can you not be addicted?

8. We saw Bride Wars on Friday night- very cute- I recommend to any chick flick lover

9. Dinner tonight avec ma mere- were going to have Chinese

10. Finally having my hair done Saturday morning- during the holidays my stylist was a busy gal- so I'm way over due for a cut and color- I also go the extra mile though and have her entirely curl my hair or fix my lockes in a casual updo- I mean why not- I'm also natching all the low lights- I miss being a true (bottle) blonde.
11. Sister's birthday lunch also on Saturday
12. Am way sick of winter- it's supposed to go into the negatives this week---no thank you. Beginning to plan for a late spring vacation- I can't freaking wait!
I have to go prepare our daily social now so I must be off- I am really going to try to write more frequently now though- and post more pictures..after all that is the fun part- is it not?

Miss Amber Lane
Today I'm feeling: Lazy, Chipper, and Content

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