Monday, October 25, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge: Days 2 & 3

Combining these days because my blog name story isn't that interesting and my "first love" doesn't deserve a whole post to himself.

Meaning Behind My Blog Name:

My blog name used to be Miss Amber Lane Takes on the Universe- when Ben and I got engaged I changed it to a Blonde Bride & Her Boo- because I was and I call Ben- Bennyboo or sometimes just boo, or sometimes Boo Box - don't even ask how that got started - its even more wierd when he just shortens it to Box- oh the progression of a pet name.....I digress.

I've thought about changing it again - but get stuck on it, "A Blonde Wife and Her Boo" just doesn't have the same ring to it and though "A Blonde Bombshell and her Boo" is probably quite appropriate I think it just gets messy when you go changing names on people.

As for my user name "Saucyminx410"..I loved that Hugh Grant said that in Love Actually and Blogger made me add numbers because apparantly I'm not the only Hugh Grant/Love Actually Afficienado.

My First Love:

Called me babydoll, bit my bottom lip when we kissed, and beat the crap out of me early one Sunday morning on the way home from a party.

Yeah. That sucked.

We met through our parents who worked together even though we went to the same school. We dated a couple months before I moved away and then when I moved back we officially got together. He was tall, dark, and handsome- smoked a lot of pot, was a crazy good artist, and well...just sort of crazy. He did cool things like draw pictures of me as a fairy and gifted me with crystals to hang on my headboard to keep bad dreams at bay- he was a hippy and I tried real hard to be the yin to his yang. It was a messy couple of years that spanned senior year in high school through sophomore year in college. We used to talk about getting married and using pot seeds mixed with glitter and bird seed as our "tossable" - interesting alternative to rose petals or bubbles huh?
 Our relationship was all this crazy, hippy, dreamer crap and then literally blood, sweat, and tears that took me years and a VERY strong, supportive, awesome Ben to pull me out of the wreckage.

In short. It was a disaster. But now you know.

Much Love Always,

Miss Amber Lane

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JMO said...

Wow! That guy sounds.... different. I'm glad you were able to get out of a bad situation and into a great one!