Saturday, January 24, 2009

I has a money

Or at least I will! I just filed my 2008 tax return...go me! And though adding my other W-2 did lower my return slightly I am still going to get a fun little chunk of change. Yay!

Oh I love how tax return time means a big refund to me right now- I know someday I'll be paying "the man" because hopefully I'll be making more mula on a regular basis- but right now I'm enjoying the extra fundage! So in a week or so just call me money bags!

I will definitely be putting a lot of it to bills but I do have to spoil myself as well new makeup wardrobe, new clothing wardrobe, vacation fund, spa day....but for a while I may let it sit in the old bank account just to feel that little extra security for once.

Anyhow- gotta run to the bank and deposit a check then grab a bite to eat and pick up some girly necessities at the drug store. I'm off!

Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Cheerful, Wealthy (in my own mind), Successful

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