Friday, January 23, 2009

Tummy Troubles Etc.

Back in December I caught that virus that everyone caught. You know the one... the one that your best friend told you the funny story about her having to sit on her throne while simultaneously perching the bathroom trash can on her lap to release her lunch (and the last month's lunches) from both unfortunate regions...only me? Well chances are you, or someone you know had it, and it wasn't pretty. 

In my case it lasted for three miserable days of throne sitting, couch laying, and noodle soup eating. It was terrible. But now a month and a half later I still don't feel like like I have quite recovered from it. I mean that can't be possible can it? I mean, I don't feel sick at all its just that the smallest things send me running to the bathroom- and that's quite unfortunate because I have stage fright and refuse to go in public places. Yuck. But spicy food and a little too much food or greasy food and there I am: throne sitting again. Today after eating Mexican food out with family- my problem reared its head again. I know that no one really wants to here about my potty perils but its just had me thinking: Is it really taking me quite a long time to recover or is it simply because I/ my body is changing? 

I find that over the past year that more and more often I'm thinking: I didn't used to be this way, feel this way- but I do now. I didn't used to get car sick easily-but I do now. I didn't used to have a fear of small spaces-but I do now. I didn't used to go to bed before 11am- but I do now. I didn't used to need glasses to drive- but I do now.

 I read somewhere that every so many years your tastes change because your body has changed but google won't give me answers now on that. I'm just curious is all. 

Like I mentioned earlier I went out for lunch with family today for Mexican food. My Aunt Connie whom I haven't seen since my grandpa's funeral in 2004 was in town so my mom, sister Diana, my Aunt Becky and I met my Aunt Connie and cousin Cindy for lunch to visit and catch up. It was nice but as I said- my chimi and margarita didn't agree with me. After lunch I went tanning and came back home. Jeesh for that being all I did today it sure took up a heck of a lot of time....must be because I had to drive 45 minutes each way to get there and back. Oy.

My stomach ailments have got me thinking a lot more about my mid section again lately as well. I'm not a fat girl but I am a bit more voluptuous than I care to be for the long haul and as I clearly saw today looking at my two Aunts, mommy, and cousin (stupid sissy just lost 20 lbs so she doesn't count) genetically speaking I'm predisposed to be thick in the middle even if all my appendages are skinny. I'm not sure what method I'm going to take to widdle the waist...probably something along the lines of eat less, work out more but I may use some kind of plan (ww, alli, diet fuel) as an aid. Haven't decided. I just know that I want to be hotty patotty in my bridesmaid dress in September for Meggie's wedding....that and I'm hoping that its not too much longer before I'm picking out my own wedding dress tyvm! Ben and my five year dating anniversary is next month and he has already said he has something special in mind...maybe this will (finally) be it. But then again maybe not so no more talk about it lest it never happens and I end up feeling like a complete horses arse for posting this!


Tomorrow I work and Sunday as well.- then Monday I am off again. MOD weekend does kind of suck in the respect that I'm not off with Bennyboo at all and I don't really get to do much of anything with anyone- but then again its also kind of nice because only one other manager is in the building with me and I can get a lot more work done with a lot less distractions. Because I get to make my own schedule, I'm thining I'll go in early and leave early both days. If I go in at 7am I can get off by 3:30 and then the day doesn't feel so long. Welp, Ben should be home anytime now so I'm going to run along. Geez I just realized I've been writing here since before dark and as the sun set and I didn't turn any lights on this place is almost pitch black! Creepy. Ok off to turn on lights and get on with the evening. 

Have a great weekend!


Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Full, Relaxed, Happy


Liana said...

oh i hope you feel better soon!

saucyminx410 said...

I do! Thanks!

Rachel Crichton said...

Remember when I missed your AWESOME 18th birthday because I was in the hospital (the time y'all came to visit, and i puked on the floor)?

Well, I had my gall bladder out during that visit, and before it came out my stomach was very sensitive to fatty foods. I can't remember about spicy ones or not.

Another thing it could be is IBS, because that i know for sure gets aggravated by spicy foods.