Saturday, January 24, 2009

It Never Works Out That Easy

At least not for me....

So a mere 3 hours after completing my e-file I get an email from the IRS letting me know that my return has been rejected because the "signature" (read: my previous year's AGI that I was asked to enter for verification) didn't match what they have on record. So I pull out my last year's tax return and enter it again- it takes me 25 minutes to figure out how to resubmit it while I'm also on hold with Turbo Tax for 30 minutes to ask what the problem is (cause I coulda sworn I entered that number to start with) only to be told that I have to call the IRS to verify the number or I could just try to resubmit again and that its actually the IRS accepting or denying and I need to ask them- but I also got the lovely reassurance that EVERYONE is having this problem since this is the first year that they have made it mandatory to e sign as opposed to printing a signature page.


Can't I just get my money and call it a day?

So I did resubmit with the number on my form from last year- hopefully I just entered it incorrectly. If that doesn't work guess who will be spending her off day Monday on hold with the IRS.... yep. And if that doesn't work - first of all the IRS must be on crack because if they won't accept their own figures and that means there has got to be some shit going on.- and second that means I will be forced to file by mail (and wait 1.5-2 months to receive my refund) yet still be charged for efiling per Stephanie at Turbo Tax.


Anyway- another weekend day of work ahead tomorrow so I'm going to bed. I'll probably know by the time I wake up in the morning if I've been denied again.

Shrug. I'll figure it out- I always do.


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