Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tonight in my annual tradition of shocking and amazing my friends I started on my taxes- I logged into Turbo Tax and entered my information thus far: 1 W-2 and my 1098-E forms (damn job changing mid-year and still waiting on the W-2 with only four months of wages on it!) and was pleasantly surprised to see the "refund-o-meter" roll into quadruple digits several times over. I know that its probably too good to be true and when I get my other W-2 even though its a meager wage from the work I did prior to my "big girl" job- It will probably magically roll into another tax bracket and all that money will go bye-bye. Know this though I do I can't help but start to day dream about having that extra chunk of change in my weeping bank account. How nice it would be to pay off some high cc bills, or buy out of my shitty Sprint contract, or buy a new spring wardrobe, or go on vacation, or buy a plane ticket to Louisiana to visit Rachel or Tucson to visit Jessica, or save for someday when Ben (if Ben) ever pops the question. Oh, it would be so wonderful.

Le sigh. But like most things- its probably way to good to be true. I won't get pessimistic but I'm also not going to get too excited about it either. Not until the other form is entered and the final number stays on the screen even after Turbo Tax checks for errors. Then I will be happy.

In other news- today was good. Work: My assistant was off so my day was jam packed- including taking a ladies group out to lunch, training a new volunteer, scheduling free hearing tests and a group of elementary students to come visit, arranging flowers, pulling a cat out from under the sofa, going over calendar printing logistics with our new calendar company rearranging tables in the activity room, organizing the rest of the months schedule and attempting to finalize next months, and all out trying to be the perky champagne bubble about work for residents, staff, and visitors alike. Its exhausting to be this girl all the time!
Home: Ben had Pizza Hut waiting when I got home and Dr. Pepper which I never drink but for some reason have been guzzling by the glass full. I don't drink pop period anymore but for some reason tonight its calling my name! We ate together and watched tivo'd Ellen on the inauguration (what an amazing day by the way- I don't think I've ever been so proud or moved in my life!) and tonight's Jeopardy. Then Ben moved over to the desk top to play around and I cleaned a bit while watching tivo'd Big Love before getting on the laptop at the dining room table to work on taxes. Now we're here just before I go beddy by.

Tomorrow I teach a class on the Activities Program to new hires. Friday I'm off before a weekend of MOD-ing (Manager on Duty). I have no off day or weekend plans. What a bummer.

Oh well. I'm happy anyhow!


Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Hopefull, Accomplished, and Happy

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