Sunday, December 27, 2009

No Freaking Out Allowed

So after my last post wedding freak out officially commenced.

I am trying not to let it take over but when I start thinking of certain things I feel a sudden surge of panic start to clench my chest.

Remember this post about that gorgeous wedding dress I bought way back when? Ya know the one I bought at a sample sale knowing that it was a size too small and doesn't quite zip over the widest part of my (broad) back? Well tonight I started freaking out that putting a corset in is not going to work, and it will ruin the integrity of the dress , and its going to fit horribly even if it does fit, and I'm going to end up having a poo dress that I don't even like because the dress that I bought almost a year ago was not well enough thought out.

I've since googled "wedding dress too small" and discovered corseting a zippered dress is very common. I also discovered that though its harder to let out than take in there is usually about 2 inches of let out space in a typical gown.

Insert sight of relief here.

Pulling out my dress I realized there is extra space in the seams if my dream of corseting doesn't become a reality. I also unfortunately discovered that my sample sale dress needs some TLC - its not dirty per se but it looks handled and could use a clean and press and a little touch up in some of the beading. I'm going to do some research on cleaners while I'm off this next week and see about getting things in motion.

Lets see what else am I "not freaking" out about?

1. How the whole darn thing is getting paid for
2. My teeth not being white enough, my skin breaking out too much
3. Never finding a replacement photographer
4. Turning into bridezilla
5. Ben NEVER picking out his and the groomsmen's attire
6. Bridesmaid not following through with her financial obligations for herself and children
7. Planting my own ceremony flowers
8. Considering bridesmaids carrying something other than flowes down the aisle (that's a BIG post for another day)
9. Assistant not returning from maternity leave in time for me to get time needed off for wedding.....

And I could go on and on.

But I won't.

Just wanted to share these thoughts with the masses.

In case anyone was wondering- our Christmas was nice. It just didn't really feel like Christmas. I worked through the whole darn thing and I have to admit I am exhausted. Today was day 7 consecutive and tomorrow is the 8th and final day before 6 days off. Tomorrow my boss returns from nearly a week off and I haven't been off since before she left- I am praying that she doesn't morph into her normal demanding self tomorrow- I am not equipt to deal.

I am hoping that once the New Year commences there will be more time to resume reading and commenting and life returning to (nearly) normal.

If you are just starting to follow ABBHB I apologize for my neurosis of late. I'm usually much calmer and definitely more neighborly to new followers. I promise you are noticed and appreciated - I'm just trying to squeak through the remainder of the holiday season as an Activity Director - no easy task.

For now my dears ...


Much Love Always,

Miss Amber Lane

P.S. Pics of stuff and things soon!


Juliana said...

Wedding freaks outs sure do happen. I have a lot of stories...believe me. Including my florist getting in a motorcycle accident before the wedding and bringing the wrong flowers. My ring not being ready. The bridemaid dress shop CLOSED down and I could not contact the owner three weeks before the wedding etc. ha ha...I stressed out SOOOOO much. I wanted everything to be perfect. You know DOES matter. Let yourself freak out a bit and dont care if ou are being bridezilla. That is what a honeymoon is for...recovering from the wedding planning. Honestly though, when it comes down to it...nothing in the world matters but you two on your wedding. It was a PERFECT day for me...the very best day of my entire life. Enjoy all the planning. I look forward to reading your blog.

I am new to your blog! Come on over to my blog and follow back if you would like. It is very nice to "meet" you.

Annie said...

okay. i think your blog got a makeover and it looks fabulous!!

try not to freak and stress over the wedding hun!
i wish i had words advice but i have no wedding plans and i've been engaged for over 6 months. although i would like my teeth whitened.... ;)
i know things will work out perfectly hun!!

p.s. i hope you had a merry christmas!!

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