Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009 Recap

Well guys, I'm officially off for the holidays! Today was my first of 6 blissful days at home and I couldn't be happier!!! I have no real plans to speak of (nope not even for NYE) but plan on plenty of R&R with the Bennyboo!

So what was my Christmas like?

Well I decorated plenty of Christmas Cookies With My Residents:

And heard more Christmas Carols than I ever imagined I could stand:

But I also managed to sneak in some quality time with the ones I love.

I managed to make it out for a couple of Holiday Time Birthday Parties:

(Celebrating Emily's 27th with drinks, a comedy club, and dancing)

(And Ben Celebrating his 26th by opening a Christmas present- a sweater, shirt, and cologne)

There were pictures in front of the tree:

(BG snuggled on a present)

(And Rennie snuggled on the Tree skirt)

(Boo and I in front of our tree)

(And a tree at my sister's church)

And Pictures of the tree (and other decor):

Then there was the opening of the gifts with just Boo and I at our house Christmas Eve:

(It may sound boring to some but I mostly got things from the registry this year- like our garment steamer )

(And our down alternative comforter <3 style="text-align: center;">I also got a new robe, Yankee candle paraphernalia, a MAC gift card and holiday kit and other stocking stuffers from Ben

Then we were off to his parents for Christmas Eve dinner:

(The Smith Family Tree)

Since I was working Christmas morning I was the only one to open presents:

(The carry on from my luggage registry)
(PS I HATE this picture but I wanted to show the bag)

(And the cookie jar from our casual china collection)

(Moe the cat wanted to prove that a cat in a box is cuter that a cat in a jar)

(Ben and his brother Casey trying to get Moe out of the box he loved so much)

(The boys got to open their annual ornament: This year was a Waterford dove)

I had to work Christmas morning but Christmas night we were off to my sister's for Christmas with my family:

(Boo and I with my sister Denise)

(The nephews)

(My sister Diana with the sweater I bought her)

(Boo in his new hat)

(Niesie with her new movie)

(Boo with his new movie)

(Calvin with the new (old) game I bought him)

(Modeling my new winter ensemble)

(Boo got a new robe too)

(Boo and I with our new convection oven)

(Ma Mere got a new Thomas Kinkaid painting)

(And because she refuses to spend hardly a dime on beauty for herself; I bought her some Aveda hair goodies)

(Dinana got new jammies)

(And so did I...and I look like I need them! My work day definitely caught up with me here!)

(The boys filled mom's purse with wrapping paper)

(And I got a new Willow Tree figurine to add to my collection)

Ben and I also brought home between the two of us: 2 friends seasons, a new Christmas CD, A new luggage set, two pairs of pajamas, two passes for two for movies, a sweater, 3 video games, and probably some other little things that I'm forgetting.

I have to admit ladies; this Christmas didn't really feel like Christmas. It was probably all the working I did- I absolutely DO NOT recommend 8 days straight over the holidays- no way!

But its all behind me now and I'm super happy to be spending the next 5 days relaxing at home and gearing up for 2010!

And honestly - soooo ready for the holiday season 2009 to be behind us!

If I don't return before: I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Year!

Much Love Always!

Miss Amber Lane


Jax said...

Happy New Year! Love the photos and hope you enjoy some much deserved time off! :)

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

I love all your pictures!!!! Looks like you had a great holiday! :)
Enjoy your vacation, I'm on vacay too! :)