Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wedding Wednesday --- Breaking The Bouquet

In the spirit of further personalizing our wedding .... and lets be hones; saving some cash as well, I've been looking into the idea of having my bridesmaids carry something other than the traditional flower bouquet down the aisle. I mean I love flowers don't get me wrong- but the idea of $60 + dollars a piece for a chunk of flowers my girls will carry for 3o minutes makes me nauseous. So, though I've come to no conclusion yet and by no means have I ruled out flowers here are some of the ideas (both good and questionable) that I have found that good help contribute to our retro garden inspired wedding.

We'll start with the questionable:


The idea in and of its self is cute. But then I wonder how balloons actually look at the alter and there's the issue of wind and them blowing in our faces - and heaven forbid one should pop! Uhmmm probably not....


I like this idea. Open flame makes me nervous but I think there are a number of ways this idea could be tweaked.

Lanterns mayhaps?

And from a different approach we could even make our own tin can lanters to spell out a word once all the girls are at the alter....but would that be distracting? Perhaps....but definitely less distracting than balloons!

Paper Goods:

The hearts are cute that's for sure. Maybe a little too literal though- at least unless its a Valentines wedding.

Just spell it out? I don't know - again maybe too distracting from the ceremony and a little too boxing match ring girl...


Cute and quite cost effective but a little too Three little girls from school for my taste. Besides how could they ever contribute to the reception decor as I think it would be bad luck to have 7 open umbrellas indoors at our wedding reception.

Firefly Jars:

This I have to admit was my very own idea. Continuing with the garden theme I thought it could be very cute and unique to have each maid carry a jar of "fireflies" down the aisle. Of course I would pretty up the jars with ribbon to make them look a bit less rustic. I still like the idea but am not sure it would communicate and instead people would scratch their heads in confusion and think I was nuts. Another problem? Though I can find lots of sites that once sold these cute little jars, they are all currently out of stock and maybe never to return.

Butterflies: (The most recent and promising idea as of yet)

This idea was featured over the summer in Martha Stewart weddings and again as a flashback in the new issue. I think it is super cute and still reads as a traditional bouquet with a twist.

They would be super easy to make as the butterflies our wired and the best part is a pack of 12 butterflies runs right around 5 dollars. I would probably be looking at about $20 bucks a pop for each bouquet which I love!

After a small amount of online perusing I found these butterflies that I think would work nicely"

(I would probably also mix in a little green so there would be more depth)

I'm really liking this last idea the best but could see myself going in a number of directions...there are just so many great ideas! I never saw myself going the route of the nontraditional but the more I dig into these creative ideas- the more I love them! Any thoughts? I'm all ears!

Much Love Always!

Miss Amber Lane


Anonymous said...

Whatever you decide on will work! You are getting married, that is wonderful enough right there.


Mrs. Dew said...

WOW those are some really creative ideas! I can't wait to see what you chose!

Rachel Ann said...

Amber Lane, we are totally on the same wavelength.

I'm even nixing my own bouquet, because well, I really don't care that much about flowers.

Here's links with pictures of things I'm thinking about trying/modifying for myself.

I'm thinking about doing something really simple like tulle pomanders for the maids

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