Monday, August 31, 2009

Scattered Thoughts

1. I am ridiculously perky for a Monday! Especially considering that this is day number one of a 7 day stretch. I've literally been bouncing around work today! I guess that's a good thing though- I'm going to need my perkiness to get me through!

2. I am in love with the weather today! Its in the low 70s and breezy and makes me giddy for fall! Summer is my favorite...until labor day and the pools close...then its fall all the way!

3. In celebration of the crispy (although I'm sure short-lived) weather today I bought three very cute light weight cardigan-type sweaters today on my lunch break!

4. While I am just now at the beginning of a 7 day work stretch I can't be to glum because I will have next Tuesday-Sunday off whilst only using 1 (that's right) 1 vacation day. That is phenom!

5. Next week while I'm off it will be wedding week extroirdinaire! We are having our cake tasting, florist meeting, and engagement pictures all next week AND one of my favoritest people in the world: Miss Rachel Ann and her fiance Brett will be visiting me mid- week and more wedding fun is sure to ensure- aside from just plain fun in general!

6. Probably bordering on TMI here but I HATE Vicky C's pink cheeky panties- they are terrible and they droop- they are totally not meant for flat bootied girls such as moi.

7. Ben is doing some work out of the home this evening for some extra cash and I hate to say it but I am super excited at the idea of coming home to a Boo-less house! I'm not making dinner- I'm picking up a small pizza sub from Penn Station and watching whatever I want on TV, then I'll spend some time cleaning without Ben there to ...well let's be honest...get in the way!

8. I spent 45 minutes of my work day working a jigsaw puzzle- on the clock- tell me that isn't an awesome way to spend your day with the over 80 set?!?

9. Bought my engagement picture dress this weekend- its a little black dress but I'm styling it up with some super cute red peep toe pumps and a red belt...allthough our photographer actually mentioned shooting in the woods to me today and I'm thinking- seriously? Boo and I are not woods people- I will however play along and bring a pair of flats just in case he really does convince me to trek through the wilderness.

10. With the pools closing this weekend and me working right on through the sad occasion- I am resuming my fall/winter tannnig bed habit --- tonight.

Well, my work day has come to a close and I am on my way right out the door. I have been planning to resume Kelly's Korner Show Us Your Life but just haven't found the time and also don't feel as though I have much to say that's interesting- my bridal shower hasn't happened yet, most of my close friends haven't had children yet thus no baby showers, and we're so busy paying for wedding things that we haven't taken a vacation but once the topic is something I'm more familiar with I'll jump right back on the band wagon.

For now though, I'm jumping in the car and going home!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane

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The Un-Bride said...

Happy Septemeber! I love the chocker is fab. I tagged you over at my blog. Stop by to check it out:)