Saturday, September 5, 2009

Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Freedom!

From my desk I can smell the cookies baking for afternoon social.

Miley Cyrus is Partyin' In The USA behind me on the bookshelf CD player.

Sunshine is streaming through the windows and somewhere not too far in the distance; Sylvester our house cat is lickin' his chops at the possibility of noshing on Tweety bird - my residents were so original in naming our beloved pets nes pas?

I'm at work but to be perfectly honest- work here on the weekends is more like hanging out at Grandma and Grandpa's house than working.

So far today I've made countless pots of coffee and enjoyed a warm bagel and conspiracy theory conversation while my residents devoured sugary donuts and buckets of the afore mentioned coffee.

I've led chair excercises and given trivia quizzes.

I read a bridal magazine while covering a lunch shift for the concierge and assisted a resident who volunteers to call Bingo.

I've made 6 dozen M&M cookies and poured countless glasses of milk and pink lemonade.

I've typed a months worth of daily Activity schedules and sent pertinant emails.

I've wiped the counters in my room and the surface of my desk and organized my paper work so that tomorrow I can complete it all and put it all to bed so that Monday I can spend the day "playing" with the residents on the holiday and leave that night for my six days off knowing that everything will well taken care of AND that no one will call me to ask me questions!

Its been a good day and its not been a bad 6 days but once the next 2 are over and my 8 day stretch is complete- I'll be happy to have the next 6 to decompress, wedding plan, and enjoy the annual festival in my home town that is always sure to bring about muc debauchery.

For Now...

Happy Weekend!

Miss Amber Lane

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Kell said...

this was a cute post :) sounds like youre the jack of all trades around your workplace! i hope youre havin a good weekend, chicka