Friday, September 4, 2009

Welcome Baby Camrynn Chapman!

Welcome to the world little baby Camrynn Curtis Chapman!

After 21 hours of labor and one c-section later for Momma Kara, our friend Chris became a daddy! We journied up to Hamilton after my doc. apt (more on that in a bit) to visit the blessed child. Of course I left my camera at work so all we had were our cell phones so we could only snap a few pics.

Ben had the baby's face covered up here but I love this picture because this is the very first time Boo has ever held a baby! He was kind of tense but he looks pretty stoked to be doing it which of course makes me a little warm and fuzzy!
Speaking of fuzzy....

Here is the proud papa with his brand new son. The picture is blurry but I just couldn't leave it out. Ben has known Chris since elementary school and I have known him since middle school and we just couldn't be happier for him and Kara!
Afterwards Boo and I visited the Hamilton Sonic. There are no Sonics terribly close to us so this was Ben's very first visit and only my second!
We didn't want to eat in the new car so we sat outside at one of the picnic tables and enjoyed the perfect end of summer weather!

All we can say is- Yum!

It was a good night!
My earlier doc appointment- not so great. After height and weight checks the nurse took my bp and it was outrageous because I was so nervous about being in the doctor's office- when the doc came in he asked me about it and I told him its always high when I first come in and then it gradually gets lower the longer that I am there. So he took it again and it had dropped 20 points but was still high - especially for a 25 year old. So he checked my heart and noted my elevated heart rate which he said confirmed the anxiety I complained of earlier and merited one prescrip for performance anxiety meds.
Because my bp was still a little high though I am supposed to have the nurse at my work check my bp twice a week for the next couple of weeks as a test to see if the high bp is a result of anxiety or if I am actually hypertensive. That and I have to have labs run- yippee. Talk about giving a girl high blood pressure- make her fast for 12 hours and stick her with needles- yikes.
And I thought I was just going in to meet and greet to get set up with a new doctor. Nope instead I'm being treated for anxiety, tested for high blood pressure and on the schedule for at least 2 more appointments in the next few weeks.
Anyhow. Work beckons and I still have 3.5 days left in my 8 day stretch (remember when I told you it was 7...miscalculated- it is 8!). I hope everyone enjoys their long weekends. I will be sure to enjoy my long 6 day week/weekend once the end of this non-stop work fest ends on Monday evening!
Ciao for now!
Miss Amber Lane

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