Friday, September 4, 2009

Show us your life- school pictures

It's Show Us Your Life Friday at Kelly's Korner- and today we are featuring School Pictures!

My mom has all my actual school pictures so I tried to find ones I already had on my compy that correspond with certain grades (apologies to my followers who may have already seen these last month)- because getting pictures from mom is a torture session- she'll invite me over to go through pictures and take some- but then when I see ones that I want she tells me she can't bare to part with them!


2nd grade: I was off to a tea party

3rd grade: Christmas with my cousins. Notice how big track suits were back then - swish!

4th grade: I was wearing a hot pink onsie and a green floral headband - I was stylin. Meg and I were experiencing some major pink on pink crime here. This was one of my most awkward stages.

5th grade: I had literally just gotten back from a month in Australia the night before and the next day had to hop states to go visit my brand new nephew Devin. Here I am with him for the first time. You can't really see it but I am wearing a tshirt that spells out, "down under" in eucalyptus leaves and koala earrings- G'day mate!

9th grade: I don't have any junior high pictures on my computer but I know I do have some at home I'll have to work out that one because those are... fun. Here I am with a group of friends after Young Life one night.

10th grade: The next 4 pics you will see were all taken within the same year- this a very clear depiction of how my hair magically changed to blonde and my brunette days were no more....

Homecoming game 1999

Homecoming dance 1999: Sitting outside the restaurant where we had dinner. I'm in the middle with my then-boyfriend Ronni. Notice who's over to the left there? Yup, that's Bennyboo!

Spring break in Tennessee 2000. Before blonde, my hair turned red as though by "magic"!

Summer right before the start of junior year 2000: And then she was peroxide blonde. This was when my friend Jen and I discovered bleach.

Senior Year Spring Break: Gatlinburg : Strawberry blonde.

2002 High school graduation party- back to blonder!

Hope you enjoyed my little trip down memory lane! When I get home today I'm going to look to see if I have any ACTUAL school pictures but I thought this would be a good start.
I'm so glad women are like fine wine and we only improve with age!
Thanks for stopping by!
Miss Amber Lane

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