Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Clearly Have Issues

It seems that no matter where I am in life, I want to be at the place just beyond that.

When Ben and I were dating, I longed to move in together.

When we moved in together, I couldn't wait to get engaged.

Now that we're engaged, I'm so ready to get this wedding over with and just be married already!

I've kind of lost my enchantment with this whole wedding business. Don't get me wrong I'm still super excited but more or less I'm ready to get to it already! We've been so far away from it for so long that I've lost my inertia! I started out in full planning mode: booked the venue, bought the dress, arranged vendor appointments ... now ... bupkiss ... I barely think about it anymore.

But guess what!?!?!

Tomorrow marks 1 year exactly until I become Mrs. Ben Smith !!!!!

Woo! Hoo!

Maybe that will relight the fire under my behind and get me back into planning mode.

I sure hope so because right now I feel direction-less.

Maybe its time to register ... I mean it doesn't hurt to get a jump start does it?

Anywho...Ben is out watching Will's band play and I'm watching Mystic Pizza (can you believe I've never seen it?) so I'm off for now.

So glad the weekend is quickly approaching - so much fun stuff coming up!


Miss Amber Lane

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