Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just A Self Indulgent Thought

In the last few moments I've been reading some of the blogs that I follow and I have this to say:

I'm so glad I know how to give myself a break.

So many of the blogs that I read focus on weight loss - which is great! Its a way to stay motivated and accountable to yourself.

What gets me is the games that these ladies play with themselves. They want to lose 10 lbs and then they'll get into a two piece swim suit, then they'll buy a dress that the like, then they'll get together with a friend that they haven't seen since they were smaller....etc.

Rewards are good - I like rewards especially if you're working hard towards a goal.

The problem is- once those 10 lbs are gone its another 10 lbs before that swim suit, before lunch with that friend.

I don't have a perfect body.

I definitely want to shape up my arms and widdle my waist some before wedding day.

But I'll tell ya what - I'm not going to let a little extra "love" in my middle or non toned arms stand between me and my tan and I'm not EVER going to apologize to anyone if they happen to think my body isn't bikini perfect --- and ladies its not.

But the best part is? I actually love my body - when it has extra lbs and when its smaller, when its pale and when its tanned (but more when its tanned).

My body may get sick from time to time or get a broken bone every now and then. It may gain too much weight sometimes and drink too much at others but its the only one of I got.

Sometimes I treat it like a temple and sometimes I treat it like a landfill- it really depends on my mood.

Some of you out there think that skinny is the only way to go - and you project that on your selves and that's fine just like some of us prefer blonde over brunette or coke over pepsi. But stop beating yourselves up and denying yourselves the pleasures in life.

When its all said and done I promise you that no one speaking at your funeral is going to say
Here Lies X she had super tight abs or a cellulite ridden ass or just couldn't lose those last 10 lbs.

They are going to talk about how you lived, your spirit, your joy, your legacy so its my advice to get out there, make those things happen and give yourselves a break.

And 100 extra cool points if you do it in a two piece.

"Life is Happiness Indeed" - Voltaire

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