Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hangin Tough, Hangin Drunk

And the verdict is in.....


We had such a good time and I have to admit, I'm kind of bummed that its over. This morning when I crawled out of my hangover funk I got online just to see if they are going to be anywhere close to us again this summer.

They are...

Tonight in Indiana - unfortunately I will be unable to attend so I can only hope that they decide to tour again in the near future. I'm really hoping they'll decide to do it every summer... but who knows.

Anyway, on to the pictures!

So at the beginning of the night my hair and makeup looked like this:

I was paying tribute to Farrah Fawcett though you can't see it in this picture my hair was actually kind of flipped out and voluminous.

About 30 min. after getting to Riverbend my hair looked like this:

The humidity sucked the volume right out and I fuzzed up.

Another half hour later I looked like this:

I pretty much gave up and let it do what it wanted.

But at the end of the night... I looked like this:

Yikes! And I was clearly intoxicated.

Megan started the night out like this:

Pretty, cool, and collected

We had a couple glasses of wine and hopped into the car with New Kids On The Block in the CD player of course!

We're on our way!

We arrived and quickly made friends with our seat neighbors and had them take our picture... they liked us at first but I think we quickly became the people they'll tell their friends about, "The concert was awesome but we sat next to some fanatical, crazy, drunk girls"

What can ya do?

Take more pictures I say!

Here we are looking towards the stage - our seats were actually SO GOOD!

The Jabbawokees performed first. Gotta be honest we missed most of it - this is the very end

Then they took their masks off and their actually a group of pretty cute Asian guys

I didn't get a picture of their faces unfortunately.

Jesse Mcartney was up next: he was pretty good but we mostly used that time to take more pictures and get drink refills

When we got to our seats I heard my name being called from a few rows back and I turn to see Brittany and Holly.

Their a few rows back there. Its funny because I know Brittany from high school and Holly is a nurse where I work and their seats were right next to each other but they don't know each other at all!

Small world.

Then it was show time!!!!

There they are behind the screen!

Yay! My guys!!!

I have no idea what they opened with ... isn't that sad?

We were clearly super pleased with whatever it was they were singing

Jordan with Joey- swoon!
LOOOOOVE this picture - Joey was my fave as a little girl!

Then came the MJ tribute - this is the only (blurry) pic I have of that because I was too busy weeping (that's right I was weeping )

And Megan was busy making me take pictures of my weeping.

But then the most wonderful thing happened. I turned around and out of nowhere it was a New Kid invasion!!!
Donny so close I could spit and it would land on him!
I was tempted to climb over the partitioned area but decided 5 seconds of touching Donny wasn't worth getting ejected from the rest of the concert

Danny was over there to my left but look how everyones looking at Donny instead...poor Danny.

Then I realized I didn't have to stay in my seat there were other New Kids to see....

Namely Jon!!!

So I took off down the aisle....
I'm coming Jon!!!

That's what I'm talking about - I used to think Joey was the cutest now I definitely think its Jon!

Uhmmm is someone poking his goodies?

If so, he didn't seem to mind

The Jabbowokees came back and danced with Jordan

Do you believe he actually sang Give It To You? I know me neither.

Then there's cute Joey playing the piano - no idea what he sang - I just remember loving it!
Look at our hair!!! OH MY GOD!

We're clearly too busy swooning to care

I got a t-shirt I told Ben I'm wearing to bed everynight for the rest of my life!

All 5 of the guys!
Megan and her six inch button

Me and my six inch button, which I believe I lost at the bar!

Then came the beach balls and confetti. Megan lost her shit over the beach balls. Apparantly some girl snatched Megan's and they were about to go fist to cuffs over it. Drinks may or may not have been spilled/thrown and security may or may not have been involved. Its all a little fuzzy.

It rained confetti and I loved it!

Still swooning and singing at the top of our lungs! See my ticket smushed down the front of my dress? I needed it to be easily accessible just in case!

Getting close to the end....

Another wardrobe change for the boys

And their final bow.

It was an awesome show! It brought back so many memories and I'm so glad I finally got to see them live. If they come back again the only thing I'll do different is limit my gin and tonic intake a bit more - I mean it was still a blast but I would have a bit clearer of a memory about it had I not been trashed.

After the show we met our fiances at The Backdoor where drunken debauchery occured- then I went home with a splitting headache and slept until noon.

This weekend = success!

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