Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rainy Sunday

Its a dreary, rainy day in the Natti. Very much unlike yesterday when the sun was shining and the temps. were lovely and in the low 70s.

Yesterday after work I drove full speed ahead to the home front with windows down and the sun streaming through the windows. Ben and I had a "home cooked" meal at a local eatery then came home and vegged on the couch before Ben went out with friends to B-Dubs to watch the UFC fight and I climbed up to bed because as I mentioned earlier- I work this weekend.

I am manager-ing on duty by sitting at my desk and blogging - such a responsible professional!


Ok- actually I am on my lunch break so I guess I am a little bit responsible.

Tomorrow I am off and plan to spend time doing laundry and meeting with potential DJs for our wedding.

We are still interviewing photographers as well but they are giving me the biggest headache so I have decided to try tackling something a little less outlandishly priced and that I won't regret forever if I chose the wrong one.

The Dj sucks? Kick him out and hook up your IPod.

The photographer sucks? Tell your kids and grandkids sorry that you don't have any wedding photos to show them but your overpriced photographer wouldn't sell you the rights to the pictures and they charged to much for prints.


I have made some fantastic and inexpensive decisions however.

A#1: One of my bffs and bridesmaids: Rachel (aka Shawdee) and I were doing some on-line research and chatting via AIM (Shawdee is in Louisiana) and we came up with a fab DIY program that we are hopefully going to do a mock up of next weekend during Shawdee's visit. Pictures of the on-line example are forth-coming.

A#2: I've decided that I am also going to design our guest book myself. Either by using the fantastic resources made available at our local Archivers or by using this fantastic website! There, we can use our own pictures to publish a hard back keepsake book for our guests to sign- much better than some fancy, over priced book that would surely get shoved in a drawer somewhere and cheaper than having your photographer put one together. I'm also thinking of using this company to make my attendants something special.

So you see, progress does get made even if I complain about how stressed I am about certain aspects of things.

I am not a bridezilla ladies I assure you, the thing is: I'm a planner: in personality and by profession and I like my projects always to be in constant motion-even if sometimes that means I'm simply sitting and visualizing things on paper ( I think of it as a means to alleviate stress).
I am very familiar with planning events because thats a big part of my profession. The biggest difference is- this time I'm doing it with my own money- and honey it is not in abundance. So forgive me if I become redunandt and never seem to be able to post about anything other than the wedding and PLEASE those of you who have been through this process before- feel free to solicit advice - I welcome and love it!

Anyway- lunch over. Gotta run!


Miss Amber Lane

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