Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Woes of Being a Woman

Isn't it lovely how once a month your body totally turns on you. 

Your body feels like jell-o, the color of your skin seems to sallow, and you swear to god that one boob has swollen up to the size of a watermelon while the other shrinks up in defeat.

Your clothes fit a bit tighter, the untoned parts of your body seem to be extra untoned, tiny white stretch marks usually unnoticed appear to darken and appendages ache just enough to irritate you but not enough to really warrant complaining. 

Things that you normally wouldnt give a thought to make you want to scream, your frisky as hell but your sig. other annoys the life out of you just by being present, and a night at home in sweat pants sounds a hell of a lot better than buttoning your jeans and leaving the house. 

That's right my friends- its PMS and it sucks. 

I feel about 0% good about myself right now. Its a good thing I'm off tomorrow and Bennyboo is making me go out drinking.... that should help the blown up like a balloon feeling.



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Liana said...

oh darling!! im sending brownie wishes your way ;)