Monday, April 20, 2009

8 Things Game

I wasn't technically tagged but Memphis Mama tagged anyone who wanted to play and I did so here it is:

The 8 Game

8 Things I'm Looking Forward To:
Shawdee's visit this weekend for wedding planning fun (and just plan fun)!!!!
Becoming Mrs. Ben Smith in June of 2010!!!
Registering for gifts!!!
Swimming this summer and tanning!!!
Having my hair colored in the coming week!!!
The Sims 3 coming out this June - yep I'm flying my nerd flag
Shawdee having a big announcement to make next month!
Having boudoir pictures taken

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
Went to work
Ate at Applebees
Cocktails with Bennyboo
Slept with our bedroom windows open
Watched Wife dvrd Wife Swap
Flat ironed my hair

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

Have a budget-less wedding
Go on a nice long vacation somewhere amazing
Buy a brand new car, wardrobe, etc.
Fast forward to next June
Ballroom Dance like a pro.
Work only when I want to (yeah- like that would ever happen)
Travel any time I want to
Speak another language fluently

8 Shows I Watch
Desperate Housewives
Greys Anatomy
Ugly Betty
Samantha Who
The Girls Next Door
How I Met Your Mother
The Big Bang Theory
Dancing With The Stars

(and SOOOOOOO many more)

I tag anyone who wants to play!

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