Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lust List

I know that since my great hiatus of 2012 that I no longer have any faithful readers so this post is mostly to remind myself that right now these are the items that I am lusting over.

Sephora Collection:
Free-Standing Easel Brush Set
$275.00 @
This brush set is close to $300.00 but comes with every brush shape and size that you could possibly need. Not only that, but the case is designed so that when it opens up it is free standing so that the right brush is easy to find when you need it. This is an added bonus when you find yourself frequently getting ready for work in the AM in a certain "Rockstar's" bathroom and don't have your normal vanity space to spread out! I got my last nice brush set from Sephora back in like 2006 and have been using them for 7 years (wow that's a long time)! They're still great brushes but the handles are cream colored and even after washing they're still dingy and no longer so pretty to look at. Sephora's brushes last forever so I think its well worth the investment!

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Heat Wave Eyeshadow Palette
 $48.00 @
Very rarely does a palette come along where I can look at all the colors and say, "Yes, I see myself using every one of these colors" (Urban Decay Naked and Naked2 palettes excluded). I saw this palette on-line today and definitely could see myself putting together some eye looks with each one. I especially love the top row - it reminds me of a bronzy summer sunset.

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 Loungefly Quilted Hello Kitty Bowler Bag
Price Varies By Boutique Site

I'm going to have this bag. I know I'm a grown ass woman but I love me some Hello Kitty.
Love. Love-love.
This bag is sophisticated enough that it doesn't immediately smack you with the fact that its embossed all over with a picture of a cartoon cat's face, yet still kitchy enough that it satiates my love for all things kitty. Plus its ginormous and anyone who knows me knows that baby girl loves to tote around lots and lots of shit.
Please reference this video:

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Samsung Galaxy Note II 
Price Varies Based on Plan and Provider
Good thing I like to carry giant, oversized bags because I am seriously considering acquiring one of these bad boys. They are ginormous when in terms of cellular telluars but when I visited my friend Rachel in Louisiana last month I got to see first hand how much she loves hers and have since read nothing but positive reviews about screen quality and battery life. I mean, I love my iphone but seriously I have to carry my charger with me everywhere I go and if I happen to forget it (like today) I have to stay off Facebook, songpop, and stop texting all day long like a mad thanks!


Windows Surface
Price Varies based on features. Starts @ $499.00

I want one. Since my lap top and I were tragically and dramatically parted from one another back at the end of my last relationship I have been without computer. But its ok because laptops have come a long way since mine was purchased back in 2k6. I'm not a hard core gamer, I don't dabble in computer programming or anything I would need a heavy duty computer for anymore so this is the perfect little device for. Comes with Microsoft Office comes standard and it has all the email and surfing capabilities that a casual facebook, blogger, computer user like myself could need.
Doesn't hurt that I can get a pink keyboard cover ...

Rainbow Ombre Hair
If you watch Ridiculousness on MTV then you know Chanel Westcoast...she contributes absolutely nothing to the show and isn't even that pretty live action (google her print work though and you''ll be amazed at what photoshop does for this otherwise average looking chick..harsh, I know) but this past season she was rocking this rad ass hair color. I love it. I want it. Can't have it on the everyday thanks to work but I'm thinking of trying out some hair chalk and hoping it can look as vibrant and colorful as this.

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 Nose Piercing

I had my nose pierced when I was a freshman in college and kept it until I was hired into my first Activity Directing job at 23. I miss it. Not only that for some strange reason in the place where once my nose ring was, there is now a grayish blue dot that will not go away - so it kind of looks like I have a less sparkely version of a nose ring anyway. Me thinks I should just have it redone and get on with my life. I'm actually looking into it and options to conceal it so I can still have a big girl job.

Tennis Anyone? 

I love tennis. I love the game. I love that its played outside and I love that you can play it in a skirt. Truth is that I've never learned how to play by the rules. When I was younger a girlfriend of mine and I used to hit the ball around some but I never learned how to be technically good. I have pretty good hand eye coordination and I can be quite competitive so I think I may actually be kinda good at it if I learned. I'm currently looking into places to take lessons this spring/summer. Only thing is they can be quite expensive by the hour so I would rather take group clinics if I could find them. Just having a hard time finding them right now....but I will...fear not!

So concludes this edition of Amber Lane's lust list. Hope everyone (anyone out there anymore?!?!) is enjoying this sunny (but chilly) April Sunday!

Much Love Always!
Amber Lane


Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Hey, amber! Just wanted to comment and say hi. You still come up in my reader and I've read all your posts. You're in my thoughts and I am so glad to hear of you doing better!

Jamie Danielle said...

Well damn girl it's about time you update :)

I hope that you come back to the blogger world. I pray that everything is going well your way.

saucyminx410 said...

A ww gee thanks ladies!Its awesome to hear from some familiars - good to see that some of you are still out there! Hope that you are both doing well - seems life is busy for you as I haven't seen a new post from ya's in a bit!