Monday, April 22, 2013

Things That Annoy Me

Not going to lie to you. Its a gorgeous, sunny, warmish day in southern Ohio. The sky is blue, there isn't a cloud in the sky, I'm off the next two days after this and I am flat out, hands down Princess Pissy Pants right now. So in honor of that I thought I would post about the things that really "grind my gears" ... just so I can get some shit off my chest. Be warned's more of a rant.

1. People who ignore your texts but update their fb status, like a picture, or take a turn at Songpop via mobile in the time period that you are awaiting a response from them. Its just fucking rude - don't be that person.

2. People who pronounce the words "hold" or "told" as "hode" and "toad". There's an "L" in there people- its not fucking optional! On the same topic the word "wash" doesn't have an "r" in it - You don't warsh dishes you wash them!

3. The thin cardboard inserts for magazine subscriptions that make you flip right to the pages they're attached to even after you rip them out. I understand the marketing aspect of this but for chrissakes do there really need to be 25 in every single magazine?!?!

4. People who try to talk to me when I am CLEARLY wearing my earphones. If I wanted to chat with you while I sat in the break room eating my Lean Cuisine I wouldn't be blaring Marilyn Manson into my ears at sound barrier bursting decibals.

5. People who say, "I'm over the moon" ... a lot. There is a blogger who is actually tres cute whose blog I used to like to read until she started puking that sentence up every third line - making me want to puke everytime I read it. Sorry chicky I just can't take it anymore. Its ok though, based on this post I'm clearly a raging bitch anyway so I'm sure you won't mind losing me as a follower once I'm on a computer that will actually allow me to edit the blogs I'm following.

6. Panties that start to come apart at the waist band while wearing them....this may or may not have happened to me today - for no other reason than - well sometimes that shit happens.

7. Roots. Hair appt on Wednesday cannot come soon enough.

8. People who try to start a conversation while you're reading a book by saying, "Whatcha reading?". Nothing. I can't read while you're talking to me. I'm going to just start throwing my book at these people and saying, "look for yourself!"

9. When people you want to be spending time with in the sunshine on a warm, sunny, spring Monday are out doing something fun and springy without you while you are stuck at a desk, wearing a headset, and your ass is hurting from sitting too long in the same spot.

Maybe this is why I'm annoyed....but what are ya gonna do. I know this post was raging bitch mode but I'm not going to be that girl that posts all this on fb passive aggressively so I'll passive aggressively post it to my blog and hope I come away from it all unscathed.

Much Loathe Love,

Amber Lane

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