Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun Finds

So in the spirit of my home transformation I hopped over to Goodwill to look for some thrifty finds to add to the decor.

Brass bird cage- Rennie was hoping that there was a birdie in there for her to snack on ... sorry Ren - no luck!

Salt and pepper shakers for the fall

Wall candle holder

A hodge podge of my goodies: tart burner, candle sticks, magazine rack, and whatever you call that rose decorated thing - I hung it in the guest room- its pretty.

Planning to put this on my night stand to use to stash my everyday jewelery - I don't have a full picture of it but just to the right there is a turkey platter.

Love this glass - am using it a a candle holder. Really wish there have been more of them but the one is pretty darn special all on its own.

Angel statues - there's another one that got missed in the photo op

And last but not least a few Christmas goodies. Fall and Christmas decorations are my favorite. Pulled out the fall decor yesterday- so excited to distribute throughout the house!

A close up of the Santa.

So those are my finds at the Goodwill. It was a blast to pick things out and find fun places for them around the house. More pics to come of the new items once they find permanent homes.

And when I get a new camera - dropped it last night with the zoom out.

Camera = Done.

But more on that and other weekend shenanigans later!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane

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Somewhere In Between said...

Don't you love fabulous thrift store finds!?