Wednesday, November 18, 2009

But- I am le tired

I am exhausted.

It seems like every couple of weeks or so my job just kicks my ass. Its like there is so much to do but not nearly enough time to do it in so I spend 10+ hours trying to squeeze it all in.

The last two days have been 9am-7pm + my 45 minute (each way) commute and you've got some hella long days. I've been getting home at 8pm and going to bed by 10pm and not waking until almost 8 am because I am so pooped!

Last night I bummed myself out because I failed Nablopomo because the laptop was turned off, I was ready for bed and I didn't want to wait for it to power up! Oh well though- it was getting so boring to try to think of something to say every single day and I'm sure it was getting boring to read.
Today at least there will be some relief. I am leaving here at 4pm and I'm not looking back! Then I won't be coming in until after 11am tomorrow but trust me I will be in the office until at least 9pm. We are hosting Thanksgiving dinner for our residents and their families tomorrow night and we have so many people that we have to do two seatings. One at 4:30 pm and one at 6:30 pm so its going to be a LONG day tomorrow even with coming in late.

But the end of the week is nigh- Friday should be a very managable day and the weekend will be much needed, much appreciated, and much deserved! Then only two "normal" work days one day at another community and four days of for Thanksgiving.


I gotta be honest- I'm looking forward to the time off but this year I am not neccessarily looking forward to Thanksgiving. It just seems like there is never enough time to do what you want to do, the family things are always exhausting, and right now I just want to climb into bed and pull the covers up over my head.

I'll feel better when the weather perks up and tomorrow night is behind me AND when my MUCH NEEDED Saturday hair apt. rolls around.

For now I'm off to slice apples for social.


Miss Amber Lane


Secretia said...

Getting your rest has to be the most important thing. All things are fueled by YOUR ENERGY.


Jenny.Lee said...

I hope you get some much needed rest before the holiday comes around!

The Un-Bride said...

I know what you mean about Thanksgiving. Sometimes it is just so exhausting! Add to that the fact that Mr. T and I both have large extended families and you are expected to show up everywhere! I am secretly kinda glad I have to work on Thanksgiving this year - is that awful?

Jax said...

Some weeks I seriously feel like I binge and purge on sleep.. Here's a cheers for the weekend right around the corner, girly. And I DONT envy your long commute every day on top of already long days. :( Weekend hurry up!