Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Children

Hey everybody! I know this is little late but I wanted to join up with Kelly's Korner to show off my fur babies. As you already know; I have 5 - that's right I said 5 furry purries.

It started out innocently enough. Junior year in college when I had my first apartment and I lived alone I had a wild child hellion cat named Chloe. I had her for a year before I moved into a house with 3 other girls and I handed her over to my mom who designated Chloe an outdoor cat (because she was wild!), A few months later Chloe got knocked up and had 5 kittens. One kitten was given to a friend of the fam, my mom picked two of the bunch to hold on to and then I picked one and Ben picked one. I picked the sassy white kitty that I named Izzy and Ben picked a sweet calico whom he named Zoey.

Izzy and Zoey both are a testament to their "orginal" parent's personality.

Izzy (Izzard, Izzabean, Izzabella Baby, Beanard, or sometimes simply Bean) is a playful princess who gladly will grace the laps of anyone who will lavish her with lots of love and attention. Her favorite toy is her chicky- who she can be seen snuggling with here in this picture.

Zoey (Zoezer Dozer, Doughy Zoey, or Zoe Zoe) is a sweet heart but she can also be a tank. She's a big girl and all muscle. She does not respond well to an empty food dish and she is quick to put the paw down when one of her siblings steps out of line. She is quiet mostly but can also be very playful and loving.


We lived apart at the time we brought the girls home so we each had one kitten at our apartments for a little while. Then of course we merged and reunited the sisters when we merged households.

The two acted as though they had never been apart.

A few months later my mom was moving to a smaller apartment from her house and she needed to find a new home for one of the kittens that she still had at her house. We didn't have any luck so I packed Bryndel up in a carrier and drove her to the no- kill animal shelter- where they told me that they didn't have any room for her. I told my mom I would keep her until they had room and I took her home where she reconnected with her sisters after 9 months apart. We decided that we couldn't separate them again so Bryndel became part of the family.

Bryndel (Bryndel Bear, Buh Bear) is very,very shy. If we have visitors she is usually nowhere to be found. To be perfectly honest- if we come at her to fast she takes off- she has a very nervous personality but she is very, very sweet. When she is feeling playful- no one is cuter than Bryndel rolling around on the carpet. Most of the time Bryndel finds a sunny spot on one of the beds upstairs, making sure to climb up on the banister anytime we go up or down the stairs for a quick scratch behind the ears.

And that's how we stayed for over a year 2 parents, three babies- then our little family expanded when Ben and I went to the Renaissance Festival last October and an actor there told us the sad tale of of two kittens who were born in one of the buildings on the grounds. Their mother had disspeared and when the Ren. Fest ended that very weekend and there was no more scrap food the babies would soon die. We were suckers and took one of those kittens home to live with us.

Rennie (Rynold, Rinaldio, Rennal Bennal) is the youngest and the smallest. She is also the scrappiest, loudest, funniest, and sweetest (at times). She is honestly like having a small child. She always wants to be in the same room we are and has even been known to jump on our laps while on "the throne". She is the first to demand attention when our alarm clocks go off in the morning and has even been known to bite and tug on Ben's ears to get him out of bed.

She regularly gives us kisses and has been known to be on furniture that she is not supposed to be on (including the tops of kitchen cabinets!)

This picture just tickles me:

After Rennie that was it- we were done. Or so we thought.

Then just a few weeks later my work adopted two kitties from a shelter and one of those kitties fell sick. I took the kitty named B.G. (after my work) to the vet to have him checked out and we discovered that he had panleukapenia and would need to be inpatiented and put on an IV to recover. I was told it could take 5 days at $100 a day. When I relayed this message to my boss she simply told me he would have to go back to the shelter where I knew he would be put down. I called Ben a crying wreck- because after just one week I was already in love with the sweet fluffy kitty. Ben instructed me to take him to the vet and we would cover the bill- however we could. Luckily he recovered in just two days and we took him home to rest up before going back to work.

But of course that never happend and B.G. became the fifth (and final) kitty child.

BG (Bg Buddy, Barnaby Grigsby, BG Snugs, Snug Bugs, or Snuggy ...why do we even name our cats? We rarely call them their names!) loves the crap out of everyone. His nickname is Snugs because he is such a cuddly snuggler. Its almost as though he knows we saved his life and he is extra sweet because of it. Bg has no real meow to speak of he can only squawk hoarsely and its so funny! He is so laid back and also so lazy- he will literally flop down and nap where he stands no matter where he is!

He is our only boy and all our girls love him.
Especially his baby sister Rennie!

BG joined our familya year ago at this very time- and we've been one big happy, furry family ever since!

We may be crazy cat people- but we're happy,crazy cat people!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane


Liana said...

i love that they're so cuddly and love sitting with you :)im jealous, my cat never can stay put!

Anonymous said...

oh, they're all so cute! You're such a good person to rescue kitties! I'd love to rescue more than our 1, but my husband says no :-(

Christy said...

Your cats are adorable!

I can be referred to as a crazy cat lady, too. I have two and they are definitely like my children. They are way too spoiled, but oh well!!

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

AWWWW, they are all so cute! I love little kitties : )

You are awesome for rescuing them, I wish more people would do that!