Monday, November 16, 2009

Short and Sweet

Nothing new here:

Long days at work abound this week

Prepping for the Holidays at work = stress

Got a manicure today

Hair and waxing apt. on Saturday

Turkey Raffle and out with friends on Saturday

Sick of Nablopomo- can't wait until its over!!!

Coming up on my 200th post- stay tuned- things are going to get interesting!

Much Love,

Miss Amber Lane


Liana said...

i know, i'm starting to stress about the holidays to. but you're one up on jealous you got a manicure today ;)

Annie said...

i was just thinking today that i really need to get to buying presents. i can't even figure out what to buy people....i don't want to stress about it yet though ;)
hope you are having a great day!!