Friday, September 25, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

I've been waiting quite awhile for someone to bestow this cute award on me so imagine my delight and surprise when A Blonde Ambition left me a love note letting me know that she selected me as one of her lucky recipients!

The rules of this award state that I must let you in on 7 little secrets about moi in order to accept. Its going to be a challenge coming up with even more juicy little tid-bits that you don't already know but I'm going to give it a shot:

1. You may or may not have already gathered this about me if you've been a follower for awhile but in high school I was a: cheerleader, flute player, vocalist, show choir nerd, newspaper staff member, thespian society member, drama club loser, creative writing publication writer, mellaphone player, softball second base(wo)man, colorguard flagging, A+ Spanish student, overachiever and I'm so proud to say I had my hands in all of that at one point or another- it made me impossible to type cast or clique! I had friends in all areas!

2. I'm actually a pretty stellar singer (if I do say so myself) I've performed in multiple foreign countries and at pro sporting events...but these days just like to knock em' dead at karaoke.

3. I have major girl crushes on: Christina Aguilera, Pink, Bridget Marquardt, Ellen Degeneres, Scarlet Johanson, and Drew Barrymore. I think all of these women are amazing in their field (ok well I just think Bridget and I would be bffs) and are incredibly talented and beautiful!

4. I can't do a non-girl push up to save my life- that's one thing The 30 Day Shred taught me!

5. I'm a major contradiction of myself these days. Some days I feel like little susie homemaker with dinner on the table at 6:30 sharp and a coupon clipping, recipe trading, Bree Vandekamp imitating existance that strives for perfection. Other days I long for my life to imitate the pin-ups of days gone by with a home dripping with satin and leopard fabrics, a lover that sends me roses, and an unmistakible magnetism that makes men and women fall at my red lacquered toes- while still other days I feel like a working woman at her best- stopping at Starbucks before a jam-packed work day that has me dragging my tired ass home well after dark. I guess that's what being at a quarter century does to you.

6. I am ridiculously resistant to anything that is "All The Rage" for just a few examples I avoid at all costs: Twilight, Harry Potter, Coffee (yeah my Starbucks runs are for Green Tea), Gossip Girl, Taylor Swift, American Idol, and the Bachelor. Would I like some of these things if I tried them? I'm sure. I'm just not going to try them.

7. When I was a teen I began reading V.C Andrews novels starting with The Flowers in the Attic Series. In her 4th novel in the series she created a teenage character who always matched from the inside out. Meaning her underpants always matched her outfits. As a teenager I thought that sounded like the epitome of put-togetherness therefore I strived for that. To this day I still dress this way - not always but I guarantee you if I have panties the same color as my shirt I'm going to have them on. Sadly enough in elementary school I used to worry that someday for some reason I would be seen in my underwear in class and that I should always have cute, matching ones on- therfore now I usually do. Sad. I know.


Now, I get to give this award to 7 other bloggers! Here are the rules for passing the torch below:

1-Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2-Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3-Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4-Name 7 things about yourself that people may not know.
5-Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6-Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7-Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they've been nominated.

Now here are 7 fantabulous blogs that you can enjoy! There are so many more out there that I love and read daily. Give these ladies some love:

1. The Un Bride
2. Kell
3. Michelle
4. Somewhere in Between
5. Liana
6. Memphis Mama
7. Rachel Ann

Some of you ladies may have already received this award- if so I don't expect you to rewrite but you could always give me a little shout out - if ya want to! ( :

In other news:

Friday night =

Shredding day 3 ( yes I skipped yesterday) and today it was so much easier- I don't feel like death after a 20 minute workout. Yay!

Making the chicken, red potato, green bean dish featured at Kelly's Korner a week ago for Show Us Your Life (I loved it- Ben thought it was a bit too lemony- next time I plan to go half on the lemons)

Catching up on DVRd: Dancing With the Stars, Eastwick (I recommend it), and Project Runway


And being damn happy that tomorrow is shopping and time with Boo as opposed to working. More Yay!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane

PS: Sending my love to one of my besties: Miss Rachel Ann down in Louisiana. She's got a heavy case of the blues - so I send kisses!


Liana said...

yay girl on the award, and thanks to :) ummmm, and can you say impressive list of high school activities. you put me to shame ;)

Amber Tidd Murphy said...

Really cute site, and thanks for your comment over on my own blog!

It is always nice to get to know another Amber. Unfortunely, most of the other Amber's I come across in Louisville are sadly dressed and overweight, a baby on one hip and another holding her hand. The children invariably have two different fathers.

Thanks for doing our name proud! :)

Kell said...

omg thanks so much! i just saw your comment now :o) I'll probably do my post this week & I'll totally shout you out!

Thanks, love!