Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Super Excited, Super Busy

First of all I want to share with everyone that I am super excited to find out this evening that I am the winner of this giveaway @ Young, Fabulous, and Pregnant !
Big thanks to that pretty lady! I'm so excited to receive all the fabulous goodies! If you haven't checked her out over there I recommend going immediately- she definitely lives up to her blog title!

Now...what's going on with moi? Glad you asked.

The busy-ness I was telling you about a couple days ago has unfortunately not gone away. My work has been like a black hole lately- it just keeps sucking me back in. I think I'm leaving for the day...wrong. I think I'm taking lunch....wrong. It just seems that with the onset of the fall comes the onset of lots and lots to do.

I'm taking it one step at a time.

The good news though is that Wednesday night is coming to a close and only two work days lie between me and a relaxing weekend which I cannot wait for. Saturday early I'm going shopping with Meg to help her choose and outfit for her bachelorette party on the 3rd then I am planning on R&R with Boo the rest of the weekend . I'm thinking dinner Saturday and a movie or maybe dinner and Homearama. I've never been to one but it sounds fun to tour brand new state of the art homes.

Sunday I know for sure its going to be sleeping in and being a homebody and I'm cool with that!

New TV this week has not failed me. Dancing With The Stars this season is going to be so much fun although a three day premiere is a bit over kill. I'm behind a day so I won't know until tomorrow sometime who was eliminated tonight- so don't tell me.

Without taking their dance skills into consideration I'm a big fan of Melissa Joan Hart and Mark Balis. I grew up on Clarissa Explains it All and I think Mark is adorable. So I of course have to root them on!
After seeing everyone dance though I really like: Maya and Kelly Osbourne (who knew) for some reason her performances and her reactions after- were priceless!

I'm looking forward to Grey's tomorrow and hoping,hoping that this season finds the spark that the last couple of seasons have been missing. I've always loved Grey's but whatsagoingon?

I'm also looking forward to many other shows- so many in fact that I'm beginning to think about NOT watching some of them. The DVR is full and I can't keep up. I'm planning to stick to my tried and trues- check out the newbies and cut accordingly following. I mean girlfriends got to have time for other things...such as:

The 30 Day Shred. I told you a few months ago that I jumped on the bandwagon and bought the DVD. Well, it wasn't until yesterday that I opened it- and the can of worms that comes with it. I am amazed at how much a 20 minute workout kicks my ass! Yesterday after my first time with level 1 I sat in the middle of my living room floor and considered whether I was going to puke or not and if I would ever actually be able to stand again. Luckily both of those feeling passed rather quickly and I was able to finish my night.

Cut to this morning: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! My thighs were burning, my arms and back ached, and my abs.... I actually felt my abs!
So while I ached througout the day I secretly relished the burn because I knew that meant it was working. I knew I had to come home and get right to it or I never would put the DVD in again so that's just what I did- except this time I took a prisoner. Boo and I did the Shred together. The second time through was much less painful and actually eliminated some of my achiness from the day before (some). Boo on the other hand did not fare so well- that's what he gets for giggling at me yesterday! But tomorrow is another day and he's game to go again as am I.

I hear day 3 is the achiest of them all so be thinking of me tomorrow...I'm bound and determined to make it through the 30 days with out fail so I'm going to need to feel the love!

(PS anyone whose ever been through level 1 have any tips on how to make it through the push ups when you start with arms whose muscles are on fire when you start?)

Well this has gotten longer than I've intended and I'm getting pretty darn sleepy. So for now I say goodnight! Hope everyone is having a stellar week. Here's to making it through Friday!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane


Memphis Mama said...

When you are doing the push ups the main thing is to keep your body as straight as possible. Keep your back perfectly straight and keep it in line with your rear end:) If you are sagging in the middle it just makes the push ups twice as hard.

Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

I hope you get some time to relax this weekend! I feel ya though on the workout soreness...I tried jogging for the first time in ages the other day and thought I might pass out : )

By the way, I left you something on my blog : )

Liana said...

yay on winning girl and hopefully tomorrow flies by so you can enjoy your weekend :)