Monday, September 28, 2009

Fast Foward

1. I'm sitting in a very clean, great smelling house right now and the best part is - its mine!

2. I have NO dirty laundry right now! Boo on the other hand has loads!

3. Did not shred yesterday...started to today but Boo and I made the mistake of eating first and we thought we might die so we turned off Jillian and "phoned it in". We took a brisk walk instead. Plan to get back on it tomorrow- though I have to admit I'm pretty bored by it. Don't get me wrong its still hard and quite effective but too dull to do everyday.

4. Speaking of eating ... we are no longer slaves to our couch. We have been eating like grown ups lately.... that's right ladies ... at the table!

5. Future MIL sent home our very first gift from our registry with Boo today. It was our casual china spoon rest. Our wedding is still 9 months away so imagine my surprise when Boo came home and handed me a pretty pink gift bag- as a "cheer me up" present for all my long days at work from his mom! I almost teared a bit.

6. Weekend was good. Saturday went shopping with Megan for her bachlorette party outfit for next Saturday. Then Boo and I went to dinner at Fridays, went to Target, then came home and watched Choke on demand. Sunday Emily and Will came over for the Bengals/ Steelers game - Bengals won (HUGE victory for Cincinnati), we played Scattegories then Emily and I drank Chardonnay and watched Dexter.

7. This week is big- festival at work this weekend, Meg's bach party this weekend, finally having my hair done Wed.

8. Got behind on reading and commenting this weekend- promise to catch up soon!

9. Started decorating for fall. Waiting for big bins to come from Boo's parents before I really go nuts!

And for now that's all! Looking forward to catching up with everyone soon. Hope everyone had a good weekend and has an even better week!

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane


Leslie @ A Blonde Ambition said...

Isn't it nice to be caught up on laundry? : ) I cannot say the looks like a nuclear bomb went off in my apartment right now, lol

Michelle said...

How sweet! You're "cheer up" present! That's so thoughtful! Sounds like you've been busy but are still having fun! Thanks for checking up on me recently!!! Oh and I had to mention. Do you guys do your own laundry?? I do both of ours and am honestly getting tired of doing it by myself. I was thinking this morning about separating our stuff from now on. Is that cruel? Haha! Take care girl!