Monday, July 20, 2009

The Most Disturbing Message EVER

You may recall that awhile back I wrote a post detailing the annonymous hang-up calls I was receiving late at night several times a week.

In that post I let you all know that I pretty much figured that the calls were coming from my ex du jour so though I was annoyed, I wasn't really scared. Gradually the calls tapered off and I kind of forgot about it.

Fast forward to Sunday early,early in the am whilst Bennyboo, Emily and I were sobering up at our local IHop - I got a call from a private number, I answered, they hung up, the end.

I thought oh no here we go again.

Here we go again is right. I woke up this morning and went downstairs to retreive my phone from the charger and saw 4 missed calls from a private number and one message.

Now this isn't completely out of the ordinary, from time to time there would be a message with only background noise so I didn't expect to hear much when I listened to the message while brushing my teeth.

Imagine my surprise when I heard a girl moan softly in the background....

Are they ....... ?

Another moan, then steadier and the unmistakable sound of bodies slapping together.

Yep, you guessed it.

Someone left a message on my cell phone of them having sex!


The message lasted about a minute and I mostly could only make out the sound of a girl..uhm...enjoying herself. Every now and then I heard a male sound but not enough to distinguish if this one in fact the infamous ex.

NOW I'm truly disturbed.

That is not ok.

I've been with Ben for 5.5 years- I could care less that my ex is in relationships with other girls and screwing their brains out- the disturbing part is that if it is him and he's calling me leaving messages like that - something is seriously wrong in his head.

Then that makes me worry- is he really just wanting to screw with my head or would his intentions be more malicious if given the opportunity?


I'm not going to the police yet. I've saved the message and if I get even one more- I'm going to the police and filing a report. This is ridiculous!

Its pretty disgusting if it is him- but at least he would be someone with a motive an ex boyfriend who I had a turbulant relationship with- but if its not him then I have an annoymous stalker.

Ugh I'm not sure what's worse!!!!

What should I do? Am I doing the right thing in not reporting it yet or should I go to the police tonight?


Miss Amber Lane


Rachel Ann said...

Go. To. The. Police.



Weither or not it is in fact the "asshole who shall remain nameless" this is getting out of hand, and needs to be stopped before it goes beyond phone calls.

Nelle said...

EWE!!! Niottttt ok!! I'd call the police pronto!