Wednesday, May 20, 2009

To Cumberland or Not To Cumberland?

So Bennyboo and I have been invited by one of my besties to join her at her parent's cabin on Lake Cumberland for the holiday weekend.

We've been promised a weekend of relaxation in the sun (on their pontoon boat), a free place to stay, and most of our basic needs to be met (we were asked to bring our own adult beverages and snack food).

The only catch- if you can call it that- is that my friend's parents will actually be there.

Now if it were just me invited to spend the weekend with my girl and her fam, I would have no problem with this- but because its Ben and I - a soon-to-be- wed couple- I'm afraid the trip just makes us look like free loading teenagers. Plus neither of us know her parents THAT I'm sort of up on the air on this.

How do you spend that much time in close proximity to people that you don't really know that well? Especially during the day when you'll be out on a boat with them?

What would you do? Take the trip and get a mini vacation?

Stay home and have a leisurely weekend going to bbqs, planting flowers, and shopping?

I just don't know!


Miss Amber Lane

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