Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dinner and a Movie

Boo and I are headed out in about 15 minutes for din din at O'Charley's and to see the Star Trek movie ( which I heard is even girly girl friendly - I'll report back on that one).

Work today was fine- I got to do what most good activity directors do from time to time: play the wii, read some trivia, van ride to Auntie Anne's pretzel shop (yep there are some free standing ones) garden, and chit- chat...I may or may not have also conquered a poo stained chair cushion too- but that just comes with the territory.

Tomorrow (my off day) is another endless day of Amber vrs. Townhouse where I scrub, dust, wash, organize, throw away everything in reach only to come home the next day I work to find that either Boo or kitties pull it all back out. I'm kind of hoping to join " show us where you live" hosted by Kelly's Korner and already a few weeks under way- but if I can't get "my family" on board- forget it! We shall see though- we shall see.

Sheesh I can't even remember to post my pics once a month...let alone pics of my house once a week!

Anyhow, off to freshen my face then to eat yummy O'Charley's rolls.

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