Sunday, May 17, 2009

Picture Pages, Picture Pages

Random Night Out W/ Jen April 2009:

Bennyboo and Moi

Jen and Moi

Feeling my gin and tonics and showing off my goggles (there's something about me, alcohol, and glasses- as you will soon see)

Getting love from one of my bridesmaids to be: Miss Jen Marie Philpot

Preppy-ing it up w/ Bennyboo to visit a friend's apt. in Clifton (AKA the night we ALMOST got mugged).

Here we are- I actually really like this picture of both of us.

Just moi.

Random Pics

Ma Mere with the eldest nephew-face Devin

I enjoy this picture of me as well- my skin looks glowy!

Boo and I at The BackDoor for a couple of cocktails (note to self - get back to the tanning bed!)

The only picture Shawdee and I took during her visit from Louisiana ... when I was dropping her off at the airport for her flight home

Channeling my inner dj--- or listening to a song on Boo's computer - again with the glowy skin- I credit it to the Christian Dior tinted moistuizer I've been using opposed to foundation.

Reliving Our Early Twenties at Metropolis with Bennyboo, Emily, and Will

My glamour girlfriend- also future bridesmaid, me, any my $5.00 Lolita sunnies from Frvr 21

Red lips, pink glasses

I couldn't resist posting Will's face like this- just couldn't resist.

The Boo and the me

Will was king of the faces that night- and Emily stunnin' em' as always

Ma Mere's Day

Two of my baby boos wrestling - Rennie and BG - Rennie is the gray baby and also the youngest- why are the youngest children always the scrappiest?

See what I mean? Two elegant brunettes and a saucy blonde in big, pink, heart-shaped sunglasses.

Ma Mere with her three girls and my bro-in-law's mom, Louise with us.

My big sisters.

Ma Mere with her "grandbabies" her 14 and 12 year-old grandbabies.

I am not at all a fan of this picture- my hair looks like poo and I do believe my hanger strap is hanging out, ugh and look how pale I look---ugh! BUT it is the only pic of just moi avec ma mere so there you go.

Playing My Own Paparazzi

Just me ready to go "get my nails did" and see a movie with Ma Mere.

Bennyboo with BG boy --- who does NOT look happy to be having his picture taken!

I was wanting to know how long my hair is getting and was pleasantly surprised to find out- its getting pretty darn long!

Just me and the Bennyboo to end tonight's long- and long overdue photo post!


Miss Amber Lane

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Liana said...

lots of cute pictures...and i love your hair in the ponytail it does that perfect wavy thing!!