Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

I'm jumping on the bandwagon and joining all the gals at MckMamma's for "Not Me Monday" a once a week blogger phenomena where we can divulge all the things we really "didn't do" today- or this week in general. If you want to play too- click on the link above to get all the details!

This week I did not:

Become heartbroken over all the rumors of Jon and Kate and their extra-marital affairs. I did not stand in the check out line at Kroger reading People to catch up on all the juicy details. I also did not feel more sad over the potential canceling of their show (after this season of course) than I did for those 8 innocent children who never asked for all of this!

Spend the last couple of days cleaning, rearranging, and organizing my home shearly for it to look picture ready should I chose to join Show Us Where You Live Friday over at Kelly's Korner this coming Friday!

Eat more than one piece of Riley's chocolate silk pie today - that certainly wasn't moi!

Get a leg cramp while using the Garden Claw in my flower beds this afternoon ( seriously- how outta shape must I be? It certainly couldn't be the second piece of pie I didn't eat!) !

Didn't yell at Elizabeth Hassleback through the TV this morning whilst watching The View!

Misplace my master planning calendar for work -- (must dillegantly NOT find it tomorrow first thing!)!

Almost turn down a free stay at Lake Cumberland for a Memorial Day weekend vacay- and am certainly still not thinking of trading that in for a weekend at home with Boo and the odd bbq here or there!


That was actually quite fun! I can only imagine the posts to come as I get more into the rythm of NOT doing things!


Yesterday Boo and I DID really go to O'Charley's but after food comas (or Itis---as we also call it) sunk in, we decided to forgoe the movie and vegetate on the couch instead. So sorry gals- I still can't report back on Star Trek and whether or not its fabulous femme friendly.

Today I was perfectly content being at the homefront. I actually slept until 10 which is like sleeping until noon was in to college life. I made breakfie for Boo and I and then we frolliked to the grocery for this week's goods.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning and organizing and preparing for dinner a' la grill. We cooked out and invited Boo's parents over to join us. It was actually quite nice- its been really nice getting to know the Smith clan even better than before now that Ben and I are engaged---and the poor people are stuck with me! ( :

Tomorow is work as usual. 4 days and then on to a blissful 3 day weekend- be it at Lake Cumberland or at Case de Amber Lane.

For Now... I say: Night Night!

Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: sleepy, accomplished, content

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