Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Photographers and DJs

I'm in the not so fun part of the wedding planning process.

The part where we interview photographers and djs. They all wax poetic about what they do and how they're better and why one photo album costs $1,000 and why they charge $25 per uplight when another company includes 20 uplights for no additional charge, and they coo that I will love them because they will get to know me on a personal basis and will take all the stress out of my wedding.

Really? ALL the stress? So... they're going to start pooping money and giving it to me?


So yeah- my Blackberry has been blowing up all day to set up appointments. Looks like Monday is going to be dj showdown day at Starbucks Tri-County. Should be interesting. Do you think it would be possible to pit them against each other and have them argue into a bidding war that would unltimately end in me getting everything I want for like, no money?

I'm going to work on that.

To add to my "vendor vindiction" Bennyboo absolutely does not understand how much these things cost and almost fell off the couch when I told him the price of a particular photog;

Moi: $1500 gets you blah blah blah blah but they're only offering 4 hours of picture time at one location so we'll probably have to keep looking.
Boo: $1500?!?!
Moi: That's really a cheap one!
Boo: What do we need 4 hours for? The ceremony is only 1/2 hour and then we'll take pictures together and send them on they're way!
Moi: What!?!?!? What about the reception?!
Boo: I have never seen professional pictures of a reception!
Moi: Really? What about our first dance, the garter toss, bouquet toss, the dance with your mom, our cake cutting, our get-a-way --- not to mention the time before the wedding when we're getting ready- I want all of that
Boo: (thinking he's cute) Just hand out disposible cameras or have people take pictures on their phones
Moi: I'm going to bed.

He just doesn't get it. I'll pay for the photography myself if I have to. No way in hell am I not having a photographer all day. No way in hell.

Anyway. My lunch break is up. Gotta run.

Much Love!

Miss Amber Lane

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Rachel Ann said...

Disposible Cameras is like... the worst idea ever. All that gets you is pictures of everyone's knees and butts, because none of the adults want to take pictures, and they hand those suckers off to the 5 year olds.

We can stange an elaborate convo when Ben is around and talk about some Potog who will do everything for 4grand so that Ben will think $2,000 is a steal. If I've learned anything from Full House it will either work like a charm, or blow up in our faces... there's no way to tell.

Speaking of Photogs: Have you guys done "engagement pictures" yet? If you want I can bring my good camera and snap a few(hundred), put them on snapfish for you and then they can be sent to friends digitally, or you can have some printed via the website. And best of all, you get the bff price: FREE. And if worse comes to worse and you don't like them, then that's no big deal, because you wont lose anything by letting me take em for free.

EZ and RJ said...

we recently booked our photographer and dj. my best advice is to get recommendations from friends! we saw our friends "storybook" from their wedding and fell in love with it. i knew i wanted that photographer LONG before i was engaged. sure it is expensive, but that was THE most important thing for me to splurge on for the wedding. luckily my fiance's mother offered to pay for it!

in my opinion any dj can do the same thing. apparently there are a ton of different sound systems that do make a difference depending on how many people there will be and how big the reception venue is. i went with a dj that offered 4 different sound systems and we ended up picking the best system since we got a deal where we got a free upgrade from the second highest option. i've only found 2 dj services that offer to send 2 dj's instead of just one so that was another positive for me with the one we chose. 2 dj's allow them to get the crowd involved and they can help out with the grand march/garter toss/bouquet toss.

i obviously can't recommend anyone in your area but you should ask around! that's the best advice i have!