Sunday, February 1, 2009

So Far.....

The Superbowl has been super. 

Ben and I are watching from the comfort of our own couch,munching on Skyline Chili Dip (its a Cincinnati thing ya'll) and rooting for Arizona. 

First things first; being that we're both born and raised in the Nati- we are Bengals fans (through bad and ...more bad?) thus we HATE Pittsburg with a fiery passion thanks to the 2005 play off game where Carson Palmer's career was nearly ended with a nasty- and Cincinnatians believe- intintional blow to the knee by the Steeler's Kemo Von Olhoffen (I know that's not how you spell it but I'm not going to trouble myself to google it. TYVM) and our title and superbowl dreams were crushed. I also hate the Steelers because I believe  Ben Roethlisberger to be a complete doushe bag and I can say that because yours truly went to Miami University with Big Ben. Not just went to school with him- but traveled with him (and the rest of the Redhawks) in the year just before he was drafted. 

Baby did this for her first three years @ Miami......

In case you can't find me.... here I am.....

Probably my favorite picture ever taken of myself- I look so young and fresh and blonde and pretty...ugh and dare I say probably 15 lbs skinnier....hmph.

Anhow I digress. Big Ben proved to be less than awesome in interactions I, or other females I know had with him. He had a rockstar complex if you ask me and didn't know how to treat a lady other than to expect sexual favors. I mean I guess I can give credit where credit is due- the man can play some football....but I still hate his and the Steelers guts.

We also root for Arizona because Darnell Dockett is our friend Will's cousin..although Will did flake on the Superbowl tix....oh well. 

So thus far I think the game is good. Jennifer Hudson did Francis Scott Key proud with her stunning version of The Star Spangled Banner- I've never heard a more flawless vocal performance of our National Anthem and I have to admit watching the close-ups of the players get teary-eyed as they listened and waited for the biggest game of their lives...I got a little misty. 

The commercials have been fun- my favorite so far- the one where Mr and Mrs Potato Head are driving down the road and she's: blah, blah, blah and he's annoyed and then they hit a bump in the road or something and her lips fly off and rolls down a hill and he drove off without them in silence- to which she switches her eyes out from her regular ones to her mad eyes. 
I admit...I giggled.

The half time show was good but scandal-less..bring back Janet....THAT was a half time show to remember! 

Oh yeah...and the game.....

I'm bummed that AZ is down as we go into the 3rd quarter -although even my Pittsburg hating self can say the last play of the 2nd quarter was pretty bad ass. 

SO half time is over and I'm headed back to the couch with Bennyboo and kitty meows. If the game doesn't end too late I may come back to recap. If not I'll catch ya'll tomorrow!


Miss Amber Lane

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