Tuesday, February 3, 2009

get me out of this car!

Just to share - its snowing again in the nati. We were told there would be a dusting to an inch by the end of the day-then we were told 2 to 4 inches -now were being told 4 to 8 inches! The roads were a slick mess when I tried to leave so I went back to work and Ben came and picked me up. We left at 630 it is now 830 and we still have at least 10 miles to go! We are both hungry and have to pee so hopefully it won't be too much longer! Traffic is moving at a glacial pace but the good news is that I haven't seen a single accident or spin out unlike usual! Thank god people are taking their time and getting home safe! Well I'm off to .... Well sit here patiently until we finally make it home!later! Miss amber lane.

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