Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Its Amazing.......

How fast your day can fall to shit.

Perfectly good day today. I got a lot accomplished at the work place, it was a relatively calm and slow paced day. 

I pull into my neighborhood and happen to glance at my phone- two missed calls both from numbers near my work...great what in the eff do they want?

Listen to my first message- its one of the potential adopters of the work dog that we are returning to the SPCA because its too young for our community just wanting to know about it --- uhmmmm why do you think its ok to call my personal cell phone to ask that AFTER 5pm (and why the hell did our concierge think that it was ok to give my personal cell phone number to this person without my prior permission?)

The second message was said concierge calling to tell me that there was someone else interested in the D-O-G and wanting me to call and tell her if we had agreed to any one imparticular yet. Seriously? I'm an Activities Director for Senior Citizens not a puppy mill or vet or SPCA worker...why the eff am I getting calls on my personal time about a dog? Not to mention last Friday when I was off I was called about 6 times because they thought the dog needed to go to the vet....effing take it...don't call me!

So I call our concierge back to explain the D-O-G as I am walking through my front door with one arm weighted down with a tote bag full of wedding magazines, a wedding planner, and my everyday planner- the other arm has my purse on it thats almost as heavy as the tote bag- still trying to talk on the phone mind you... when Ben comes to the door and tries to hold it open for me to sit one of my bags down while I'm doing this I reach into the mail box on our front porch...which takes me all of 10 seconds to do in which time Ben shouts at me to, "Not leave the front door open!" to which I yell ," Shut up!" which came out all wrong because what I really wanted him to do was just not talk while I was on the phone with my work but I was tryingt o say it so urgently it came out nasty. So he gets mad at me and starts stomping around the ktichen making dinner. I clear everything up with work, get off the phone and head upstairs where I find a lovely present from our youngest kitty.

Now Rennie has had a problem since we brought her home back in October, with getting in the bathroom garbage...especially when it is being used during my time of the month (sorry if this is too graphic). Well I've adjusted accordingly, first I got a bag that was placed in the garbage and tied down when not in use...didn't work, then I moved the garbage can onto a shellf  across from the throne about boob high....didn't work....this time I put the garbage can in the guest room high up on a stack of shoe boxes (yes its high) and I get upstairs to find that she has destroyed the trash can...shreds and scraps all over the floor...and it wasn't pretty. I've cleaned up the mess and have some calls in to people to see if they want a new kitty....I can't go through this every month and I'm sick of it. 

I called my mom to see if she wants her and we just ended up fighting about something else...maybe just because I got myself into a shitty mood. 

But the good news is as I was typing this, Bennyboo finished dinner and brought my plate to the desk. he made cheeseburgers and the damn guy knows my sweet spots not only did he garnish my plate with two pickle spears he also dished out some cottage cheese for me, toasted my bun and the peice de resistance he poured ketchup and ranch dressing into little puddles on my plate for dipping....just like I would have done for myself. The man loves me....this is why I'm marrying him.

So maybe it is Amazing how fast a day can turn to shit but its pretty amazing how fast it can come back together too. 

For now!

Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Grumpy, Loved, Sardonic


Ellegant said...

I love how you wrapped this up. And also that Ben's name is Bennyboo :).

Anonymous said...

Can I recommend a trash can with a lid? I've had this problem before with dogs during that time of the month.

saucyminx410 said...

hmmm...mayhaps a trash can with a lid....but then again wouldn't that just be too simple? Haha Thanks for the advice Anonymous!