Friday, February 20, 2009

The Recession Stole My Thunder!

The week that Ben and I announced our engagement will now always be synonymous with the week that Ben got laid off.

They had been laying people off for weeks at his place of employment but we were convinced that it wouldn't touch him.


We are of course super bummed- and I definitely had a bombshell tantrum where full on anger at the state of our economy and pure bad luck may or may not have caused the projectile of a drinking glass that spewed shards of glass all over "my room". I am now, for the most part anyhow composed.

I know it sounds selfish but right now I am just bummed. It sucks that in the same breath that we tell people we're engaged we also tell people that Ben got laid off.

His parents took us out to dinner to celebrate- total dinner time 2 hours, total wedding talk time 10 minutes....the rest laid off-ness.

Ugh. Its always something with me it seems like- true moments of un-interrupted happiness seem dreadfully fleeting.

Le Sigh.

This is not a pity party... so I better be off.

Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Bummed, melancholy, pessimistic


Shawtee said...

I'm sooo sorry about Ben's job. However, I am sure that everything will work out exactly as it should. Maybe this will pave the way for Ben to get some kind of awesome perfect for him job that pays so much that you wont have to work anymore, and hen you can come visit me all the time.

I'm gunna go with hoping that this is the scenario that's going to play out.

PS - I'm thinking about taking a long weekend in April perhaps. Let me know what weekend is good for you and I'll book a flight.

Ellegant said...

That's not being selfish; I'd be pissed off too! I'm sorry to hear about Ben's job. The good news, however, perhaps an even better door will open with this one closing.

And the lay off talk will most likely pass within a week or two. Engagement discussions, on the other hand, will linger for quite some time :)!