Thursday, February 26, 2009

An Engagement Story

At long last the pictures from the night Ben and I got engaged! I think I already mentioned that I had the slightest inkling that the proposal was coming so I snapped as many photos prior to our dinner as I could so that someday I could show the pictures to our kids and tell them, "this was mommy getting ready to have dinner the night we got engaged!" etc, etc, etc. Unfortunately there aren't any good pictures of the dinner- but I snagged some pretty cute ones anyway I think!

The vanity in "my room" (aka the guest room) as I was getting ready. The candle is Morrocan Rose from Yankee and FYI the nail polish I used on my toes was "Goin' to the Chapel" from OPI... coincidence? I think not!

Me with my make up all done...minus lipstick...and yes, still in a towel.

Ok....perhaps TMI (too much imagery) but these were the panties I wore ... I only had them 9 months before feeling like the time was right to wear them! Haha. Sorry for the booty shot....this is for posterity after all!

Another shot of me in a semi-undressed state..yes I store my girly dvds (the ones I watch in "My room" while getting ready) in Vicky C's boxes.

All ready... where are we going?

Waiting for Ben to come upstairs and retreive me for our date.... I started taking random pictures. This is the decor in our upstairs hallway.

And then come the random shots of me...waiting.

After dinner Ben wanted to open his presents: One of the presents I got him was this game, the other was a Best Buy gift card.

In the war of who got whom the better present...he definitely won this time! He asked me to marry him and I said, "Yes!" and my happy face in this picture proves it.

Trying to get my bling into a picture Ben took of can't really make it out. Yes, we're at The Backdoor- we wanted to share our good news with everyone and its hard to do from home!

A picture of my ring take on my cell phone. Let me tell you- taking clear pictures of an engagement ring is next to impossible.

So here's one from the Jared website. Yes ladies and gents: HE WENT TO JARED! Lol.

Well that's all I have for now, It's after 11 and definitely bed time. Thank God tomorrow is glad its the weekend!

Have a good one everyone!

PS Not sure why some things are randomly underlined but I'm too sleepy to try to fix it tonight.

Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling: Sleepy, Excited (is it June 2010 yet?), Content


Liana said...

ooooh congratulations!!! i love the goin to the chapel polish and panty hints! girl you crack me up!! can't wait to hear more details about the plannig!

Shawtee said...

It has to be said, that the booty shot makes your booty look totaly fab.