Monday, February 9, 2009


So I've been a bad blogger lately. Don't know where my minds been exactly but somehow its already been nearly a week and no blog from Miss Amber Lane!

Well, fear not- I'm back.

Not much to report. This weekend was nice. Saturday I woke up early and was on a mission to find super cute Valentines event outfits/clubbin clothes for the evening/new jammies/Valentine-Anniversary present for the BF. First went to Target (pronounced Tar-jhay) and found... nothing. I mean usually I find lots of cute things at Target but not on this particular occasion.  No cute jammies (at least not in soft cotton- I don't get in for the scratchy  pjs) no cute tops, no nothing. I exited with a couple of greeting cards, a pair of sunglasses, and a pack of gum...yippee. 

Next stop JC Penney... I'm not usually a Penney's shopper- however, this new JC Penney has a mini Sephora within- so I popped in. SO GLAD I DID. Apparantly they were having a huge sale and I found two awesomely cute dresses that we both temporarily marked down 50%. They are both so super cute- kind of 40's-50's retro and belted at the waist. I'm planning to wear one for the Sweetheart's Dance I planned for my residents and one for mine and Ben's Valentines/5 year anniversary date. I will definitely take pictures of me in both super cute dresses! I also got a pair of jeans for 10 smackers and finally picked up this kit from Sephora:

I finally got my O-Glow and love that lipgloss is really pretty as well...actually its all pretty awesome---what's not to love about Smashbox?

I left there to encounter disappointment after dissapointment at other shops in my area- I know better than to go to the mall that I did- if you want anything worth your salt around here you have to make the pilgrimage to Kenwood- or if you're feeling super shopaholic-y drive to CBus and visit Polaris....its mecca in Ohio. 

I did buy a really cute Anne Klein purse from the Saks outlet ....if I had a camera here that was worth a darn I would post a picture---but alas. 

Saturday night I drove out to Rushville to visit Jen. We threw back our share of cocktails at her  one little bar and a had a good ole' time...all the pics from that night are on her to come soon. 

Today was back to work as usual. Took a group of residents to Golden Corral for lunch, caught up on expenses, etc. After work I had my nails done, went tanning (tried a sample of a new lotion and burned my butt up---but likes it) and stopped by a different Target where I did find some more really cute knee high socks. The energy that I had when I began this post has diminished and our nutritious (read: pizza) dinner has arrived so for now I'm outtie.


Miss Amber Lane

Tonight I'm Feeling:
Accomplished, Worn out, Burnt up

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