Friday, August 22, 2008

When One Gets A Day Off.....

One must blog.

After much arranging, organizing, and scheduling I was able to have all of the activities at work today covered by volunteers/other staff members and thus could take a day off. Praise the Lord (and pass the ammunition)! It is damn hard getting anything done with no assistant. Diane's last day was Tuesday and though there is always much to do (and many difficulties in arranging a day off) I can't say that I am without relief that she is gone.

Without getting into much detail and long story short my most recent assistant had once held my position and was asked to step down to become...that's assistant. Awkward. So while it was an asset that she was there my first few months as far as not having to train a new assistant- it was also a hindrance whenever I tried to make changes or assert authority. I have also come to learn recently that though she was kind to my face she also had (and took) ample opportunity to set me up for failure. Wonderful. She also has made it difficult for me to gain the trust and respect of the team members because A: They liked her very much and B: I've been told she's kind of talked shit about me.....isn't that wonderful to know about a fifty something woman? So though I'm stressed about not having an assistant (not much longer though) I can't help but to feel- free.

So, I took today off. I didn't have any major plans for the day although I considered a few options. Pool day or putting my free tickets to Coney Island to use...but the mostly cloudy, threatening to rain weather hindered that. Plus I just didn't feel like leaving the house. So I pulled the covers over my head when my internal clock tried to make me wake up at 7:30 and convinced myself to stay asleep until about 9. I got up at that point - put on Dirty Dancing and began to clean the downstairs like a mad woman (leaving the kitchen for the bf of course because its his turn). I've paced myself though- sitting down to watch my favorite parts of DD and to catch up on a DVR'ed Jon and Kate but I still got a lot done. At one point I was feeling quite ambitious so I got dressed and cruised to Wal-Mart but thats where the nagging little headache I had been ignoring all morning decided to kick it up a notch so I excited with a few cans of diet coke and some chicken quesadilla rolls and came home to lounge and play on the computer- the headache has begun to subside finally.

Now its 5:30 and essentially my day off is over- if it were a regular work day I would be home by 6:30 anyway. Sigh. They go so fast. Tonight the bf and I are will probably go see a movie. And stupid though it may look to some -I want to see House Bunny...I don't know it just appeals to me on some frivolous girly level. Surprisingly the bf hasn't objected so House Bunny it is...if we decide to venture out anyhow.

For now.

Amber Lane

Today I am feeling: Lethargic, unmotivated, sloppy, and stressed

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