Saturday, August 31, 2013

Goings on of Late

I know that my blogging has been few and far between. I'm having a very difficult time in the blogosphere right now. I still read everyone elses blogs almost daily and keep up with the goings on but when it comes to posting; I just can't. No! Literally I cannot!

I do all of my posting from work right now during down time. Well, some time in the past month the computers at work stopped supporting Blogger. I can only write posts in HTML. I do not like this. I can't post you know my posts would be super dull, it irritates the ever-loving- snot out of me!

You may ask well then dummy why don't you just post from home ... that's simple...

I don't want to.

When I moved in with The Rockstar I did just that I moved in. My furniture, my books, my movies, my ... LIFE moved into storage. The man has lived in his home for the better part of 20 years, he has everything ... so it made no sense to bring boxes of dishes and silverware and all kinds of crap that would clutter up the space that three people already lived in before I got there - it wouldv'e just been overwhelming. So long story short- I don't have a desk there or space that I feel like is my own to sit and think.(This is not at all to imply that if I want some alone time in the bedroom or something that I don't have it) The Rockstar is doing music full time and not working a day job so almost any time I am home- he is also home. I don't want to sit at his desk - which is like his home base and BLOG ( which honestly he thinks is a bit silly) when someone (one of the two children or the Rockstar himself) may come and peek over my shoulder and tease me (in good fun but a tease is a tease). This is why one of the items on my 30 before 30 list (post forthcoming) is to buy a new lap top. I need something that belongs to me to do my "silly" blogging on (and silly facebooking, instagramming, whatevering). I used to have one but you know.... divorce and everything.

Life has been great lately- no complaints. I received a promotion in my current position a couple of weeks ago and then wonder of wonder I finally landed a position back in my own field (My college degree will once again be worth its salt- yes!!!). So my year of part-time BS work is finally coming to an end! My last day will be a week from today and I couldn't possibly be any more thrilled! I have had my fill of wardrobing people at a store that sounds a little something like; Night Mouse, Whack Starket and selling hotel rooms to people with gambling addictions and nothing better to do than spend upwards of 4 nights a week in a casino hotel. I. Am. Done!

The Rockstar and I are still kicking ass and taking names with our band- we played 12 shows during the month of August! We couldn't be any more proud of the work we have done together since November. We played our first two shows together in December and have only continued to grow as a musical duo and as a couple ever since! We will have our 50th show together early in September and we will be releasing our first original song at that performance. We're very excited but still have some work to do.

As I mentioned a bit earlier I've created a 30 before 30 list that I plan on sharing very soon and am looking forward to completing each and every item on the list. Some of them are vital to living a cleaner, more stress-free life. Some of them are just plain fun! The Rockstar and I are planning a trip to L.A in October so that's one big thing right off the bat that I'm going to be able to cross off the list very soon...and my new job is also something big I can check off the list now! But no more previews - the real post is coming up soon!

Thinking of joining Story Of My Life for blogtember (I would totally link but stupid HTML won't let me - ugh gotta get that laptop!) I need something to really get my back in the swing of blogging on the regular!

I also am in major need of a blog makeover .... as of today I'm not blonde, I'm an ex bride and soon-to-be ex wife, none of the shit in my blog name is legit. If anyone has any recommendations for a blog make-over and can tell me a little bit about the process if I were to seek professional help I would be much obliged!

Ok. I think that's enough for now. We are headed out for a kayaking trip tomorrow that I am so,so excited for! Hope everyone is having a fantastic Labor Day weekend!

Much Love Always!

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm glad to see you blog! I can't wait to read your 30 things list! If you're coming out to CA please let me know! Maybe we could meet up! I'm out here you know!