Monday, September 2, 2013

30 Before 30 and Checking One Big One off from Go!!!

I turned 29 on August 8th and knew that I wanted to create a 30 before 30 list right off the bat. The last 2 years for me have been a little off the beaten path for how I thought my life was "supposed to be" and while things have really started to smooth out in the past couple of months and life is once again starting to resemble some kind of norm that I'm used to; I thought that this 30 item list would help me strength my ability to achive some important goals in the next 12 months. Some of these things are pretty serious and some of them are just plain fun.
1. Buy my very own lap top (I'm loving the Windows Surface)
2. Get a tattoo
3. Audition for a televised singing competition- just for fun! (may prove harder than originally thought- I'm too old for Idol (would much rather do the voice anyway) and the Voice doesn't seem to be having auditions anytime soon - really wish there was still a Nashville Star!)
4. Travel to L.A
5. Perform a set with a full electric band
6. Finalize my divorce (would like to have this done by the New Year)
7. Go to the beach! Of course I've been to the beach before but I want to go again before I turn 30!!!
8. Sort through all of my financial what-have-yous: a divorce and a psycho ex wrecked what was once in pretty good shape - need to get that all sorted out- including past debts and future planning!
9. Have a facial- shit while I'm at it - how about a whole spa day!
10. Complete the 30 Day Shred - just once complete all 30 days. I have attempted this multiple times, get bored(and sore) by about day 4
11. Initiate contact with my long-lost sister on my dad's side and be prepared to accept whatever results come from getting in touch and then moving on.
12. Buy a new pair of glasses
13. Start a new car savings plan or ... buy a new car! Also be better about maintenance on the car that I have while I have it- its old and needs TLC!
14. Talk to a counselor about the scarring experiences I've had in past relationships
15. Take golf lessons and/or just go golfing- wear cute gold outfit ( :
16. Have a boudoir photo shoot ( after my 30 day shred haha!)
17. Take a road trip to somewhere awesome with my special someone
18. Learn how to let go of people & things that are bad for me
19. See a touring Broadway show, a ballet, an opera (or some other classical music)
20. Go to a shooting range and shoot guns
21. Buy MYSELF a piece of Tiffany jewelery
22. Revamp this blog to be more contemporary and a better reflection of who I am today, not who I was many moons ago when I first started this blog.
23. Take my mom somewhere fun overnight just me and her or maybe with my sisters
24. Do one thing to pay it forward each month of my 29th year
25. Take a kayaking day trip alone
26. Take a pole dancing class
27. Try my hand at making Russian Borscht
28. Stay in one of the "haunted" rooms at The Lafitte Guest House in New Orleans
29. Try skiing and/or snowboarding
30. Get a job working back in my field - I start September 9th!

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Love it! You can always go to the beach while you are in LA! That would be two things off your list!